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I’m sexy and I know it

No funky stuff allowed mister! Mr. Asia got to be squeaky clean.


I’m sexy and I know it

No funky stuff allowed mister! Mr. Asia got to be squeaky clean.


Move over ladies. It’s man time now. Hong Kong’s Asia Television Limited (ATV) Mr. Asia Contest  is “ridonkulous!” And this year the competition is even more wacky. Top dog of ATV Mr. Asia Contest 2013,  Gao Ximing (高喜民) was disqualified last Saturday, October 12 for simply being a prostitute. What is the world coming to when a man can’t enter a beauty contest and simultaneously sell his own body for money?

Want China Times reports:

“Gao Ximing was found to have posted photos of himself all butt naked on the internet advertising sexual services for men under the name Lin Ye, according to [Global Times]. The rumor was verified by an undercover Hong Kong reporter who contracted his services for HK$1000 (US$130). Gao immediately ran after discovering the identity of the reporter, but he had already been photographed.”


Gao Ximing, under the name Lin Ye, asking his followers to vote for him
Image courtesy of Apple Daily

Despite Gao having the highest number of votes on WeChat, he lost it all when someone outed him as Lin Ye, a 26-year-old male prostitute from Heilongjiang Province, who advertises himself on several homosexual websites with a ‘call me!’ ad featuring suggestive nude pictures and the slogan “正裝型男模特肌肉大牌,” which basically means “stud muffin with big muscles.”

According to the aforementioned Apple Daily article, the undercover HK reporter rung up Gao and inquired about his services, to which Gao replied: “1,000元包全套『1069』,房间钱也包.”  (The HK $1000 per hour full package includes the hotel room and the kinky ‘1069.’)

Apparently ‘1069’ is gay slang. For those of you not entirely au fait with your gay slang,  ‘1’ means top, and  ‘2’ means bottom. I’m not going to get into the mechanics of the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ and well, I will boldly assume you know what 69 means.

Gao Ximing is #1, as of October 10Image courtesy of ATV2013微亞生競選 Facebook page

Gao Ximing is #1, as of October 10
Image courtesy of ATV2013 微亚生竞选 Facebook page

When the reporter asked him if he was a Mr. Asia contestant, Gao became evasive, saying he may have participated in the competition. Somewhat naively, he agree to the meet-up later at 6pm.

Exiting Hong Kong’s Jordan MTR metro stop, the reporter spotted the 6-foot Gao coming out of a nearby tenement. But, as soon as Gao saw the camera flashing, he bolted, and the assignation was missed. The reporter tried to call back the next day, but his number was no longer in service.

It turns out that Gao also participated in last year’s male beauty pageant held in Thailand, this one dubbed Mister International (国际先生). Of the total 38 contestants, Gao placed 16 during the finals. He obviously thinks he’s hot stuff, and who am I to judge? If you have you got it, flaunt it – just perhaps not to wily Honk Kong reporters.

The finals for Mr. Asia will be held in Hong Kong next month on November 15.


Image courtesy of Watch China Times.