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Graphic Sex in Characters

Sex characters for the rich, the poor, the handsome, the beautiful, and for diaosi


Graphic Sex in Characters

Sex characters for the rich, the poor, the handsome, the beautiful, and for diaosi


The meaning of many Chinese characters’ meanings falls firmly line with their pictorial roots, but some words’ pictorial meanings may not be the same as actual meanings, and could be taken the wrong way, sometimes with funny results.

Netizens have discovered  five Chinese characters that correspond to different sex acts. What are these characters and to what types of sex do they correspond?


1. 嫐 for the 高富帅 gāofùshuài

高富帅 is an internet slang that literally means “tall, rich, and handsome”, which refers to men who are successful in terms of their looks, wealth, and body. Compared to diaosi and 矮矬穷 (ǎi cuó qióng, short, ugly and poor), they are the winners in life and love.

The sex character for them, 嫐 nǎo, means “frolic, play with, flirt with”. It is made up of three building blocks that are radicals and characters on their own at the same time. From the left to right, the character is made up of 女 (female) + 男 (male) + 女 (female).  I think we can work out what type of sex this refers to…

niao2. 嬲 for the 白富美 báifùměi

白富美, which means “white, rich, and beautiful”, is the female equivalent of 高富帅 gāofùshuài. These women are highly desirable.

For their love life, the character is 嬲 niǎo (to tease, pester, flirt). In different dialects, the word has different meanings and usages aside from its literal meaning. Taken pictorially, the character reads 男 (male) + 女 (female) + 男 (male)-  a different kind of threesome.

3. 挊 for the 屌丝 diǎosī

nongDiaosi, which are the Chinese equivalent of a type of “loser”, have only one option: 挊.

挊, pronounced nòng, is a character whose meaning is clear in its structure. It’s radical on the left is the radical Hand (扌), its right side is composed of 上 (up) on the top and 下 (down) on the bottom. Its archaic meaning is the same as 弄, but its derived meaning is exactly what the composition suggests: a certain male hand motion that consists of moving up and down- which is presumably what diaosi get up to in their spare time.

4. 窊 for female diaosi


The character for female diaosi, 窊 wā, literally means “low-lying”. Its radical on the top is the radical cave, and on the bottom is a melon/cucumber. Much like the male diaosi’s,  female diaosi can only solve their problems by themselves.

5. 窳 for older female diaosi

yuThe character that netizens came up for this specific group is politically incorrect and offensive to women. When female diaosi get older, they may become leftover diaosi women. The answer to their sexual urges may remain the same, but the character is different. 窳 yǔ, which means “hollow, corrupt, lazy”, has two cucumbers under/in the cave radical instead of one.


Image courtesy of Rune Olsen.