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Let these Sexy Chinese Dishes Seduce You

Chinese foods with sexy names


Let these Sexy Chinese Dishes Seduce You

Chinese foods with sexy names


Sex sells, no doubt about it. So don’t be surprised if one day you walk into a restaurant in China and find yourself attracted by dirty dishes imbued with erotica.  Sounding like particularly racy cocktails, “One Night Stand”, “Red Light District”, or “Undressing The Virgin” can all be found on food menus throughout the country. Surely, it is only a matter of time until you can order a “Screaming Orgasm” for dinner. Whether the aim is to attract consumers, or just to increase people’s appetite is unclear, but according to Jiangsu Net, the use of sexual innuendo among Chinese dishes has been all the rage in Chinese restaurants recently and is a hotly discussed topic among Chinese netizens.

Nonetheless, the dishes themselves  remains “conservative”, regardless of the their provocative names. For example, “Virgin’s First Time” is nothing more than fried chicken legs sauteed in tomato sauce. What’s so sexy about that? While “Red Light District” is less about buying prostitutes and more a simple Chinese classical dish of diced chicken with chilies and nuts.

Below are a few dishes that might get your juices flowing:


Running My Hand Through Your Black Hair (穿过你的黑发我的手) – Stewed chopped pork with seaweed soup.

Courtesy of Weixinju


Virgin’s First Time (处女第一次) – Fried chicken legs sauteed in tomato sauce

courtesy of 沈阳网


Red Light District (红灯区) – Diced chicken with chilies and nuts

courtesy of 沈阳网


Bosnian War (波黑战争) – Fried mushrooms with spinach

Courtesy of gxfusui


Prince Charming Riding the White Horse (白马王子)- White Tofu

courtesy of 沈阳网


Undressing the Virgin (玉女脫衣) – Fresh peeled cucumber cold dish

courtesy of Sina

The dishes’ names are often simply a reference to their ingredients and the way they are served.  “Prince Charming Riding the White Horse” is a dish consisting of White Tofu as the “White Horse”, served together with a picture of handsome male star picture inserted in it, as the the “Prince Charming”. Meanwhile “Undressing the Virgin” is ‘undressed’ cucumber served freshly as a cold dish.

Extraordinary names are not always in the realm of the sexual in China. Throughout history many dishes have unusual names, such as “The Scorpion Hotpot”,  which is actually a hotpot consisting of sheep’s spine that resembles a scorpion, chopped and boiled in hot spices.