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Happy Year of the Horse

The Year of the Blue Horse


Happy Year of the Horse

The Year of the Blue Horse


Everybody knows what Spring festival is about: hongbao is given, everything drowns in red and gold, every door has the “福” character on it, and this year’s symbol is the horse. But what we might not know is that the symbol of the year is determined by a horoscope, which changes every year. For example it is not just the year of the Snake or Rabbit; last year’s symbol, for example, was the Black Snake.

According to the Chinese calendar 2014 is the Year of the Blue Wooden Horse, though some astrologers incline to the designation as a Green Horse. It is regarded as a year of quick victories, unexpected adventures, and surprising romances. We wanted our readers to take a look at some of Spring Festival’s traditions from an astrological angle. If you do not have any idea about Year of the Horse and what it means, here is some general information to get you started:

Five Elemental Signs Start Dates, End Dates:
Metal horse 30 January 1930, 16 February 1931
Water horse 15 February 1942, 4 February 1943
Wood horse 3 February 1954, 23 January 1955
Fire horse 21 January 1966, 8 February 1967
Earth horse 7 February 1978, 27 January 1979
Metal horse 27 January 1990, 14 February 1991
Water horse 12 February 2002, 31 January 2003
Wood horse 31 January 2014, 18 February 2015
Fire horse 17 February 2026, 5 February 2027

Chinese people believe that people born in the Year of the Horse are often selfish, and that such a person searches for the best in everything. Tireless concern for their own comfort means Horses often leave no free moments to think about others.

Horoscope and Numerology Elements for those who were born in a year of the Horse:
Lucky Colors: brown, yellow, purple. Avoid: blue, white, gold
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 7. Avoid 1, 6, 5
Lucky Flowers: Calla lily, Jasmine, Marigold

The Horse is a friendly, kind and domestic animal. So in order to have a good Horse Year, it’s necessary to be with friends, family and people that you care about the most. Sure you can go to a party, but the more  domestic the atmosphere the more comfortable you will feel.

It is very important that you clean your house or apartment before Jan 31, take a nice bath, wash all your clothes and leave all your “dirt” in 2013.

In order for “the Green Horse” to be kind and friendly to you and your family, you should put out a wooden horse toy as the symbol of this year somewhere on the table, or any kind of horse toy for that matter, as well as a bowl of oat meal, water and apples. Your table has to have a lot of salads and dishes that contain a lot of grass. Less meat is better, NO HORSE OR DONKEY MEAT ON THE TABLE!!! That will just wash your luck away for the rest of the year.

Suitable colors of the year – green, blue or turquoise. During Spring Festival Eve you shouldn’t wear anything in orange, yellow or any other acidic colors.

The dress for the Year of the Horse has to be unusual. The Horse is an elegant and aristocratic animal, and, respectively, your style of dress has to match (without looking too sexy, vulgar or cheap). Looking classy and being natural has never failed anyone. The same goes for make up: natural or no make-up preferred.

A pony tail or letting your hair down will be a perfect addition to wooden/timber accessories, high heels and your Horse Year’s outfit is ready.

The spirit of the horse is recognized in the Chinese people’s ethos: making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. The animal is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able.

Just a little after midnight on the first day of the Horse Year (Jan 31, 2014), at precisely 12.15  is an extremely auspicious time, based on the configuration of stars affecting Earth at that moment. In order for the God of Wealth to affect your year in a good way, you really need to light a nice candle and have a bowl of water in front of you. Sit facing any direction you require, relax your breathing, and make a wish.

The astrologists believe your horoscope for the year depends on relations between your birth animal and an animal of the current year (Horse). Here is the forecast for your year ahead:

Rat – Oops, but it looks like this year is going to be a catastrophic one for you in every aspect. Most probably you are going to be in debt.

Ox – Everything looks good for the Bull, especially at work. You need to take advantage of this year.

Tiger – You have to do something. It is necessary for you to be busy, but you are not in danger.

Rabbit – This year is generally calm for you.

Dragon – You are going to use every opportunity to be noticed.

Snake – Careful, it looks like you are going to have troubles in your love life. This year is going to be rapid-paced, you will need all your wisdom to overcome it.

Horse – Unlike other horoscope signs, this year is not kind for Horses.

Goat – Good year, everything seems to be entertaining.

Monkey – Looks like you can find a rewarding job.

Rooster – Everything looks good to Rooster, as long as it is not going to affect his own interests.

Dog – Irritation… Everything seems to be irritating a dog. You would like to break into the center of  important events, but it does not look like you will succeed.

Pig – The Pig is trying to reorganize herself,  but in the realm of the senses there is nothing but trouble. Unfavorable period.


Zodiac Sign Compatibility – Best match: tiger, goat, dog. Avoid: rat, ox, rabbit.

Famous people born in the Year of the Horse : Jackie Chan, Genghis Khan, Emperor Kangxi and Yongzheng of China’s Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911)