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Two Chinese Copycats Climb Shanghai Tower In Act of Patriotism

Two Chinese climb Shanghai Tower to prove Chinese can do what foreigners can do


Two Chinese Copycats Climb Shanghai Tower In Act of Patriotism

Two Chinese climb Shanghai Tower to prove Chinese can do what foreigners can do


The news of two Russian daredevils sneaking up the world’s second tallest building without any safety measures stunned people the world over. Their amazing pictures and death-defying fearlessness spread across China like wildfire. Two Chinese, perhaps upset that the noble deed of ascending Shanghai skyscraper was first achieved by foreigners, climbed atop the very same Shanghai Tower, and also took photos, and posted a video. And they say that China is a copycat culture.

The two youths are both “90后”, that is the post-90s generation, and from Zhengzhou, Henan Province. They currently work as street performers in Shanghai. In their video, they refer to themselves as “Chinese adventurers” before announcing that they were on the 121st floor and it was minus 20 degrees Celsius, one of them men says, proudly: “I, will be back!” They hid in the pipeline overnight, and took some more footage the next day.

shanghai tower climb 2

If you think the two young men sound like mindless followers then you are wrong, probably. They may not have been born reckless risk takers, but they were born Chinese and patriotic. Chinese media guancha got in contact with one of them, a Mr. Gao, and found out that they simply wanted prove that the adventurous spirit of the Chinese youth is  “no worse than laowai“. In order to appear more Chinese, they even wore Tangzhuang and Qing Dynasty style clothing.

The daredevil copycats spent 24 hours on the tower before leaving. According to Guancha:

“On February 20th, just past midnight, the two snuck into the construction site. Gao wouldn’t give the specifics of what method they used, but said that they didn’t climb over the wall like the laowai… 

Using about 80 minutes, the two reached the top. Gao says proudly: ‘Laowai spent 90 minutes to climb to the top. We especially calculated it to break their time record.’ After that, they took pictures, filmed, rested, and enjoyed the view. As for the filming equipment, they used regular Samsung phones.

At 3am, the two chose a crane that offered superior view, ‘from where the Oriental Pearl Tower could be seen’…”

shanghai tower climb 3

This part of the climb left them admitting that the laowai weren’t so weak:

“(We) spent over half an hour to climb past half of it, stayed over ten minutes, and came back. Because of the cold strong wind, our climbing speed was really slow. Only then did we admire the foreigners, they were fast.”

At around 6 am, the two men hid in the pipeline on the 80th floor for more than 12 hours to avoid being discovered by workers. They returned to the top to enjoy some more scenery at 7 pm before finally leaving at midnight.

The Shanghai Tower made an announcement on Weibo that the climb happened after the Russians’ but (obviously) before prevention methods had been fully implemented. The called upon the world to:

“Cherish life, respect rules and follow the law, do not enter the construction site, and most importantly do not follow and imitate the skyscraper climbing behavior.”

But hey, these two young bucks had a just cause. Watch their video below: