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The Viral Week That Was: Zhang Ziyi Said ‘I Will’

Zhang Ziyi engaged, panda goes overly excited, 35-year father-daughter tradition, and more


The Viral Week That Was: Zhang Ziyi Said ‘I Will’

Zhang Ziyi engaged, panda goes overly excited, 35-year father-daughter tradition, and more


From Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to The Grandmaster, Zhang Ziyi has come a long way and she just said yes to a marriage proposal. But thousands of people say she’s made the wrong choice. A panda’s exuberant fun in the snow  melted hearts and changed expectations. A father and his daughter took a photo in the same spot for 35 consecutive years, documenting the passing of time and an unbreakable family bond. What are the differences between American, Japanese, and Chinese shows? Find out at the end of this installment of Viral Week.

1. Zhang Ziyi Accepts Marriage Proposal

At her birthday party, Zhang Ziyi received a special gift: her boyfriend’s proposal. She said yes. Has the internationally-renowned 36-year-old actress finally decided that Wang Feng, the Chinese pop-rock singer, is the love of her life? Will he be her life companion?

The birthday party that Wang Feng planned for Zhang Ziyi reportedly cost a million RMB, and was attended by other celebrities including Lee-Hom Wang and Na Ying. Wang Feng proposed with a 9.15-carat diamond ring that was placed in a white drone, which flew towards Zhang accompanied by background music.





Zhang Ziyi posted a simple announcement on her Sina Weibo, a short “I will!”

zhang ziyi i do


Naturally, while many of her fans are happy for her, others are questioning her judgment. Some say that Wang Feng has a bad rep, what with his ex-girlfriends and ex-wives, his history of cheating during his partners’ pregnancy, and his dim career. Most of the popular comments under her announcement in fact urged her to reconsider, saying that he is not good enough for her, and that “this is your first marriage, but definitely not Wang’s last”.

But, naturally, the decision is still hers to make.


2. When Panda Meets Snow

Cute, slow, reserved, and immobile, the classic look of pandas usually involves sitting and chewing on bamboo. But what about when they are really excited? Weiwei, a panda in Wuhan, broke that stereotypical panda image when he found himself in a snowy world. His pictures reportedly went viral in Japan, as netizens expressed amazement: “looks like sumo” and “this guy is obviously high”.

panda snow 1

panda snow 2


panda snow 3

panda snow 4

“My analysis leads to the conclusion that it is Winnie inside…” Netizens mused. “There has to someone in there…”

“Could this be the legendary ‘Anything Goes Martial Arts’?”

“Obviously it is Genma Saotome!”

genma saotome

Or… “Tekken?”


As one of the comments that perfectly paraphrased Deng Xiaoping’s famous line went: “it doesn’t matter whether a cat is black or white, if it is happy it is a good cat.”


3. A 35-year-old Tradition: Father-Daughter Photographs

Different families have different traditions. One family in Zhenjiang, Zhejiang province, has kept an easy, yet challenging tradition for 35 years (with the exception of one year when she was overseas): every year the father and daughter would take a photograph together at the same spot, from when he was “a 26-year-old young man to a 61-year-old old man”, from when she was “a one-year-old baby to a mother of two daughters”.





From their first “group photo”, the father decided to make this a significant tradition, local newspaper 杨子晚报 reports. His daughter has promised to carry on this tradition with her two daughters. Their photos not only documented their growing up and aging, but also popular hairstyles and outfits spanning three decades. The first photo in color, taken in 1985, signified the time when color film spread to China. The first digital photo, taken in 2001, represents the age when digital cameras had become popular. In the photo taken in 2009, both the father and daughter wore black attire to mourn the death of his wife, her mother.

The father says: “As long as I am capable, I’ve already made a promise with my daughter, I will keep (this) photographing (tradition). She will keep it going as well.”

View the whole set of pictures here.


4. Genre Shows: American vs. Japanese vs. Chinese

Plenty of people moan about mainland TV shows, and make fun of Chinese television. A popular post on Zhihu collected tens of thousands of retweets by mocking the approaches of TV shows in three different countries:

American Dramas:

Detective and Crime shows – about cracking cases, how dedicated the police are, how cruel criminals are, how long-winded the case-solving process is.

Legal shows – about the law, how dedicated lawyers are, and how they fight for their clients’ benefits.

Medical shows – about hospitals, how doctors work, and how they try to save and cure patients.

Japanese Dramas:

Detective and Crime shows – use cases to profile the dark sides of society and humanity.

Legal shows – use cases to profile the dark sides of society and humanity.

Medical shows – use doctor-patient conflicts and inner struggles within hospitals to profile the dark sides of society and humanity.

Chinese Dramas:

Detective and Crime shows – policemen’s love stories.

Legal shows – lawyers’ love stories.

Medical shows – doctors’ love stories.”

Agree or disagree?