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Test Your Taste in Chinese Girls

Chinese 'Facemash' let's you know if you share the same taste as Chinese guys


Test Your Taste in Chinese Girls

Chinese 'Facemash' let's you know if you share the same taste as Chinese guys


What kind of girls do young Chinese guys like? Who’s desirable in a typical Chinese college student’s eyes? Do you have the same taste in women as Chinese? Do you go for Chinese girls like the Vancouver mayor’s girlfriend? Here’s a game for you to find out the answers to those exact questions.

A web game, called 校花争霸 (Campus Star), has recently been making waves on the Chinese Internet. Similar to Facebook’s predecessor Facemash, the game is essentially a Chinese version of “hot or not”, based on popular Chinese ideas of attractiveness. Each round, you are presented with two girls, and based on their pictures you would guess which one has more votes.

彭萦: “A game, pick the better looking of two women, and you only pass if your pick is popular (according to Chinese college students). Gave it to several Americans, Indians and Norwegians over 30, and they couldn’t even get past round 3… Only a Japanese passed seven or eight rounds. My friend made a conclusion about Chinese guys’ taste — pick the one who is more lolita and more immature, then you can pass.”

s hotter


Click on the picture of the girl that you think is more popular among Chinese college students, if you get it right you’d go to the next round, if not then it’s game over but you’ll know how similar your taste is to the majority of Chinese.


“You passed 10 rounds, your share 31.07% with popular taste. Your taste level is forgot to wear glasses.”

How difficult is this rating game? Well, you’d probably be surprised at how often you get it wrong. Sometimes you’d see two girls looking strikingly similar, except for maybe their selfie and filter technique, and your mouse may just end up clicking on the one whose votes is at least 10,000 less than the other.

campus star 1


campus star 3


Chinese girls are known for their ability to sajiao, which many men definitely buy into. Chinese men are also said to generally prefer girls who are cute or suffering from the Princess Syndrome rather than natural beauties, who have a virtuous and pure appearance (or a Green Tea Bitch), and who look like underage girls instead of more grown mature women.

Other weibo users offered additional tips to identifying the “hotter” girl according to Chinese standards: give priority to those with makeup and circle contact lens, if there is a full body shot then choose the skinny one, if the photo has been processed to make her skin whiter, if a filter was used, choose the girl with long hair (especially if her hair is down), and don’t choose the girls wearing glasses…

Now, give it a try yourself here and let us know your highest score!


Image courtesy of Sina, and game snapshots.