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The Viral Week That Was: Gifs, DIY robots, and Doomed Love

GIFs of dancing dama, pandas making out, and a bad driver; Transformers from scrap, and doomed love


The Viral Week That Was: Gifs, DIY robots, and Doomed Love

GIFs of dancing dama, pandas making out, and a bad driver; Transformers from scrap, and doomed love


This time, The Viral Week That Was has a couple of GIFs that are mindblowing in different ways: middle-aged women having a dance-off, a panda walking falling into two pandas doing it, and a driver with a little too much zealous determination when it comes to overtaking. A father and son have been turning junk cars into Transformers and making millions. A couple lay on the street to prove their love, but the ending of their story is anything but a fairy tale.

1. Some handy GIFs

Middle-aged Chinese women are never more fierce than when they’re defending their daily dance routines and blasting songs around the nation. So it comes at no surprise that these formidable grannies have been engaging in dance-offs. However, the two dama in the GIF below show the fierceness and dedication at the heart of the true spirit of dance battling.

dama dance-off


Walking in on your friends making out is pretty awkward. It’s worse when its more than just making out.
Fortunately, pandas don’t have to worry about this kind of etiquette, because that is exactly what happened to this panda. It seemed to be up in a tree somewhere when the branches could no longer hold its weight and broke. Unfortunately for him, he fell, still holding the broken branches, next to a couple of pandas making out next to the tree. His inappropriate yet grand entrance broke off the couple’s sultry session.

panda falls

Drivers can be aggressive, Chinese drivers especially so. If you’ve been in China for a while, you have perhaps dodged (or maybe even been hit) a couple of cars. The good news is, cars are not just rude to pedestrians, they can be quite headstrong towards other cars as well. In this GIF, a car tries to cut in front/merge into the lane but grows impatient, so it ends up literally driving over the car in front of him.

car drives onto car And of course, it remained stuck on top of the other car until police arrived.


2. Transforming Scrap Cars into Transformers

Scrap cars usually end up in the junkyard, but somewhere out there out there, a father and son duo specialize in turning them into giant Transformers. In 2007, they first started putting together Transformer models using scrap car parts and pictures online. After their first batch of Transformers in 2011, the father and son built a small factory specifically for producing these robots. According to news reports, they have already made over a million RMB this year.






3. Lovers Lie Down – in the Street

Last week, two lovers were hit by a truck on one fateful morning. According to a witness, the two victims decided to lie on the street in order to prove their love for each other. The Qianjiang Evening News reported the lovers’ conversation, overheard by a witness, before they went on to prove their love.

Woman: You don’t like me, you don’t love. (你又不喜欢我,你又不爱我。)

Man: I like you, I love you.  (我喜欢你,我爱你。)

Woman: You don’t keep me in your heart. (你又不把我放在心上。)

Man: I do keep you in my heart. (我把你放心上。)

Woman: Then how will you show it? How do we prove our love? Lie on the street? (那你怎么表示呢?我们怎么见证爱情啊,躺在马路上?)

Man: You get the phone first so I can call my family. (你先把手机拿来,让我给家里打个电话。)

Woman: This is my cellphone, not yours. See, my cellphone screen is cracked, yours isn’t (这个手机是我的,不是你的。你看我的手机屏幕是碎的,你的没碎。)

The witness could then no longer hear their conversation clearly, and paid no attention to them until 20 minutes later. He heard “the sound of a balloon pop” and then the screeching of a truck braking. The two were sent to the hospital. Strangely, the man denied knowing the woman after he woke up, and claimed he could not remember the previous night. Romance or stupidity? You be the judge – let us know in the comments below.