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Hating on China’s Female Celebs

Most disliked Chinese actresses


Hating on China’s Female Celebs

Most disliked Chinese actresses


Hollywood celebs get a lot of hate—Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian, Kanye—and the great and the good of the Chinese screen fair no better, Jackie Chan comes to mind. But what about female celebrities? Surely they have their haters as well; here are a few of the most common female Chinese celebrities that fans just love to hate.

Zhang Ziyi 章子怡

One of the most beautiful and talented Chinese actresses—so loved in the West—is not as beloved in her home country. She has her loyal fans of course, but despite her obvious acting talent and martial arts proficiency, Zhang is more well-known for her involvement in scandals.

Zhang Ziyi was engaged to Aviv “Vivi” Nevo, a 41-year-old Israeli billionaire, and much speculation was made regarding this power couple. Her Chinese fans were not exactly happy with the fact that the most famous Chinese actress in the world was dating a foreigner; pictures of the couple supposedly in flagrante delicto surfaced online and only served to fan her fans’ flaming hatred.

Actresses around the world are accused of sleeping their way to the top, a not so subtle symptom of gender inequality. Inevitably, the beautiful and successful people of the world garner jealousy, but Zhang Ziyi is an especially strange case as she was actually accused of prostitution. According to several unverified reports, Zhang allegedly earned millions by sleeping with wealthy businessmen; some names and sums were actually mentioned.

Shu Qi 舒淇

Shu Qi, one of the prettiest Chinese actresses in the opinions of a lot of people, myself included, has a most charming smile, but to the Chinese people, she is not considered pretty at all. In fact her wide smile and small eyes are not considered beautiful by Chinese standards, sometimes even called ugly (gasp).

But the difference between Western and Chinese beauty standards is not the reason why, lets just say, she is not loved. She moved from Taiwan to Hong Kong at the age of 17 in hopes of becoming an actress, and long before actually making waves in the industry, she was a soft-core porn actress, and she was featured in Chinese edition of Playboy magazine. And those images and movies of her are not hard to find on the internet, just saying.

Gong Li 巩俐

The fiercest of them all, Gong Li, known to the public as the greatest Chinese actress has always been seen as a very strong and independent woman. Her roles were practically representing a perfect Chinese woman: beautiful and yet strong. Public adored her, they even forgave her for playing a Japanese geisha in “Memoirs of Geisha” movie, but everything has changed when she changed her Chinese citizenship to Singaporean back in 2008, because she was married to Singaporean businessman. After changing her citizenship Gong Li said in numerous interviews that she has done it only for convenience of her family and she will always be Chinese no matter what. But Chinese netizens could not forget such betrayal, so she is very often called “traitor”.

Zhao Wei  赵薇

Zhao Wei is an actress and pop singer, that is coined by the media as one of the Four Young Dan actresses in the Film Industry in China. On 3 December 2001, a woman named Zou Xue published a picture of Zhao wearing a dress with a Japanese military flag on the cover of Fashion Magazine. The public saw it as a sign of disrespect toward government policy and offensive to the Chinese public. In 2004, Zhao was embroiled in further controversy when the same Zou Xue accused Zhao Wei of beating her while Zou was pregnant. Zhao and Zou had been business partners, together establishing the bar Z1 in Beijing. Zhao denied hitting Zou. Zhao Wei was also rumored to have relationship with actress Huang Yi,which she never denied.

Honorable mention: Fan BingBing 范冰冰

Fan Bingbing is truly the most influential Chinese celebrity, she was not mentioned in any scandals, her image and appearance is more perfect than ever, but why is she here? Fan Bingbing is one of those actress that commoners call “perfect Chinese beauty” but is it natural? No. Does it look good? No

Fan’s eyes look bigger than the eyes in paintings “Big Eyes”, her face is getting more narrow with every appearance she makes, and yet she still denies plastic surgery. Come on! Not admitting plastic surgery and probably getting even more by the minute, effects the minds of millions of young Chinese girls, probably she is the main reason why so many youngsters are getting plastic surgeries in order to get closer to “Chinese standards of beauty”.

Image courtesy of Hinews