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How to find a job in China

Websites that might help you find a job in China


How to find a job in China

Websites that might help you find a job in China


Looking for a job is hard anywhere, and being unemployed in China is no fun either, though probably still more fun than in other countries. When trying to find a good job in China, the most important thing is probably networking. With the right connections you can find any job you want. However, most of us foreigners who are looking for jobs do not have the right connections, or connections at all, and that’s why looking for a job might seem hard. The good thing is that China has developed a specific market for foreigners, doesn’t matter where are you from or what exactly you want to do here. For all those unfortunate laowais with no jobs, here are some websites that might be of great use for you.

The Beijinger


The Beijinger is not only a website where you can find good Sanlitun bars to chill in but actually where a lot of foreigners post ads, from buying a fridge to finding love. The ad section is always full of internship opportunities, modeling, dancing, entertainment jobs, and of course everyone’s “favorite” English teaching jobs. The Beijinger is mostly suitable for students and freelancers, if you are looking for something more serious it might not be the website for you.



The perfect web platform for those who are looking for a serious jobs in areas such as banking, IT, or project managing. It is also one of the few websites that actual gives you opportunities to find jobs in big and fancy companies.



This website always has job opportunities lined up for you, sadly most of them are English teaching jobs, but to be fair, they are pretty advanced: English courses at universities, expensive primary schools, and so on. They always have job fair advertisements, so it is worth checking out.



Perfect name for a website don’t you think? Classifieds here are separated into city categories and you might find good work opportunities if they are, of course, in the provided catalog.



The website is one big classifieds section, from project manager to secretary, from English teacher to app developer, everything is here. All the jobs that foreigners can apply are literally here. The only minus is that the website does not get updated everyday, so when applying for a job you will need to check the date for when the ad was posted.


Of course most of the jobs for foreigners do not require you to speak Chinese, but if you do it is a great advantage. When looking for a job you do not have to limit yourself with only English websites, or jobs that only require a foreigner, you have opportunities to find jobs that other non-Chinese-speaking-foreigners might not find. Take a look these Chinese websites that might help you find a job.




If you ride a subway you should be be familiar with an ad featuring a weird looking Chinese girl in traditional clothes yelling : Wu Ba Tong Cheng! Have you ever wondered what it means? Well 58tongcheng is a website that shares similar popularity as Taobao, only for classifieds. Not only it is limited to job opportunities, but you can also buy or rent anything you want. The best part of the website is that it helps you find jobs with specific requirements, you can find a job by looking up the hiring companies, you can find a part time job, full time job, job that pays for your lunch, literally anything.

Another website in Chinese that you might be familiar with through subway ads. The website is pretty well known for ads featuring celebrities, the most recent “face” of this website is one and only Fan Bingbing. You might also recognize it by the ad that features a donkey looking for work.




The same as 58.com, the website allows you to find any services ever needed. Literally millions of job opportunities are featured on the website.

Last but not least: Wechat

Wechat is now the most popular social network in China, a lot of people are posting ads on their moments and if you have a lot of friends it will not be hard to find at least something by looking through your friends moments. It is easy to send a person’s contact, @ someone in a group chat, and share news. Perfect for freelancers. It might not count as an actual website with classifieds, but it will certainly help you.