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The Viral Week That Was: Ep 51

Cutting into a musician's brain, mystical temples to rock gods, and milk mischief: it's viral week


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 51

Cutting into a musician's brain, mystical temples to rock gods, and milk mischief: it's viral week


*The Viral Week That Was is our weekly round-up of the previous week’s trending memes, humor, rumor, gossip, and everything else Chinese netizens are chatting about. Think of this as a nicotine patch to help ease yourself into the working week after suckling on the smokey teat of the weekend.

Only one more week to the most anticipated holiday of the year for Americans, the Super Bowl (oh, and the Chinese Spring Festival, which will only entail a billion or so train rides). To help tide you over until then, it’s the Viral Week. Coming up today, we bring you musical surgery, enjoying the rain, milk on Chinese consumer faces, and temples to Chinese rock gods. But first…



In the past, we talked at length at how yoga was taking over and gave you plenty of compelling evidence of why yoga is the manliest of manly exercises.

However, if you still aren’t convinced, then please take a gander at this spritely fellow.


…996, 997, 998, 999, 1000! [China Daily]

At 72 years old, Le Mingchao started practicing yoga nine years ago and was awarded his senior yoga instructor certificate in 2014. He is teaching in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, with his students’ ages ranging from middle aged to 81.


Woman top left is not bad [China Daily]


All core strength [China Daily]



Playing musical instruments can be a great way to relax and also serves as a reliable social conversation piece. For others, it can be a way of life, a means to financial security. And for these people, an illness taking away their ability to harness their musical powers could be one of the worst things to happen.

A musician in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, had been suffering from a form of focal dystonia known as musician’s dystonia. I’ll spare you the hard science—all you need to know is that it effectively affects muscles and motions that the patient has become accustomed to making. In the case of this guitar player, it’s the way his fingers work when playing the guitar.

In order to treat this neurological condition, surgery was required. However it also needed him to be fully conscious for the procedure and to play his guitar at the same time, leading to this amazing picture.

Doctors monitored his brain and implanted electrodes which would simulate neurons controlling the patient’s fingers.

After three hours, the procedure was a success and patient has made a full recovery.



At a scenic area in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, an event was held where ten contestants were given the chance to grab money.


“We good?” [China Daily]

Locked in a glass cage with a wind machine on one end, the participants were given one minute to grab as much of the Maos as they could. A total of five million RMB in cash was present in the cage, unfortunately the biggest winner of the day, a Ms Lu from Quzhou Zhejiang Province, only managed to collect 18,300 RMB.


I had a dream like this once [China Daily]

And how did these lucky people get the chance? They were selected through messaging app, Wechat. Lesson learned—add more official accounts.


And this could be you [China Daily]



Milk and China. China and milk. A dysfunctional relationship at best.

On the one hand, the scandals that have surrounded the Chinese milk industry make it hard to trust the products on supermarket shelves. On the other hand, Chinese still crave this substance for their children. Which is why, those abroad will often stock up on baby formula before returning to the Middle Kingdom.

Unsurprisingly this can lead to confrontation with locals. This was a fight that occurred last year between Chinese milk hoarders and locals in the Netherlands.

Recently, a group of pranksters—Vatos Locos Pranks—from the Netherlands posted a video in which they follow Chinese people around asking them if they want baby formula. When the passersby continue walking, one of the boys (because that’s what they are) throws the baby formula over Chinese people and runs away.

Reactions from Chinese viewers have been a mixed bag. Many on Weibo have voiced their condemnation of the event, while others on news sites have used this incident to once again point out the state of Chinese milk.

As for the boys behind the video, they have since taken it down and seen it been reuploaded onto many different platforms.

Said one of their mothers, “My son is very sorry.”



Sichuanese artist Du Kun has combined his love of Chinese rock music and ancient architecture to create a collection of oil paintings that is showing at the Mizuma Art Gallery in Tokyo.

Revels of the Rock Gods” are portraits of different Chinese rock stars, but contains aspects of a mythical historical world.






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Pictures of the art and cover image from Shanghaiist