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The Viral Week That Was: Ep 53

Surviving in the wild, bouquets of money, cuddly toys, and more censorship: it's the Viral Week


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 53

Surviving in the wild, bouquets of money, cuddly toys, and more censorship: it's the Viral Week


A new week begins and to help you with your post-Oscar hangover, the Viral Week steps up to the podium. Coming up today, we have a cash proposal, Running Wild with two Chinese guys, an altar to skill-tester claw games, and more censorship nonsense. But first…



Weibo used to be the source of interesting goings-on in China. From funny videos to breaking news, Weibo was a service that many Chinese go to for a wide range of reasons.

But now it’s mostly this.


The top three posts of the last week

However, during the last week, there has been one post both avoids Chinese celebrities and offers education.


I kid you not [膽紀喂]

This simple picture-based tutorial on how to draw an ultra realistic drop of water has surpassed all expectations and garnered quite the response. Time to finally use that Notes app in the way it was intended.




Lavish proposals are something of a trend in China. For a proportion of the population, spending vast amounts of money is a sure fire way to ensure that a request for marriage goes smoothly.

One man in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, took this a step further when he decided to skip any middle ground and directly present his (then) girlfriend with cold, hard cash.


…and a winning smile [China Daily]

Unsurprisingly, the girl readily agreed to the proposal. Said the man, “From now on, all you need to do is stay beautiful. I will be the breadwinner.”


“By taking possession of the bouquet, you hereby consent to my proposal. No backsides.” [China Daily]

Well, it’s… honest, I guess?



Two young men, who are avid fanboys of survival expert Bear Grylls, decided to spend the past holiday period testing the limits of their minds and bodies. Huang Zuhong and Fu Hailong spent seven nights in the Huanggua Mountains in Chongqing having only equipped themselves with minimal survival gear (plus a fire extinguisher).

They created their own shelter, ate what they could find, and slept only a few hours per night.


Manners went out the window [China Daily]

After returning, Huang and Fu commented on how the experience made them feel better prepared for life’s challenges. They also implored those without survival skills to not replicate their challenge because it was no doubt an awful, awful experience.



An adult man in Xiamen, Fujian Province, was recently given attention due to having a house full of stuffed, cuddly toys.

Ok, so it sounds weird, but bear with us here, his method of procurement has won him both admirers and detractors.

Starting from the summer of 2015, Chen discovered that he had a gift when it came to claw crane mastery in skill-tester machines. Able to spot correct targets and discern the strengths of various claws, he was able to consistently win prizes. In fact, according to Chen, in one sitting he had managed to win 100 prizes, which included cleaning out entire machines.

Chen insists that it is not the toys that interest him—he does it for excitement. He is also very logical when it comes to how long he should play.

“I give myself a limit. I figure that the cost of one doll is around ten yuan to make, so I don’t go over five yuan when playing, if I can’t get it I don’t get it.”

And Chen does not intend to slow down. In fact, arcade owners are so afraid of this man that many have taken Chen out to dinner to implore him to take his services elsewhere.



Once more on this merry-go-round. This time the victim of China’s broadcasting restrictions is web series Heroin.


Grenade being held a metaphor for the censors? [上瘾网络剧宣传平台]

An online drama about teen romance (with the Chinese title of the series a term closer to “addiction”, get it? They’re addicted to love), censors were irked at the notion that said romance was between boys. They have now left viewers of the show devoid of the last three episodes in the 15 episode series.


Who won? I need to know! [上瘾网络剧宣传平台]

This comes only a month after Go Princess Go, another hit online show, was removed due to its handling of sexuality, identity, and time travel.


One is a man, the other is both a man and a woman [duitang.com]

Fortunately for fans of Heroin, their production company posted a Weibo that directed viewers to the conclusion, which has been uploaded to Youtube.


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Cover image from 上瘾网络剧宣传平台