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Vox Pop: Chinese on Trump

Trump may be universally known in the US, but in China it's much more hit-and-miss


Vox Pop: Chinese on Trump

Trump may be universally known in the US, but in China it's much more hit-and-miss


Donald Trump is terrifying audiences worldwide with his violent rallies, hate filled speeches, and horrifying hairdo as he participates in the chaotic advertising campaign, AKA the American presidential race. However, despite all of Trump’s references to China, beating them economically, and his desire to replicate the famous Great Wall, there is significantly less discussion on the cult-of-Trump in the middle kingdom. A writer for TWOC stopped random students and bystanders at Peking University campus to see if they recognized Donald Trump when shown the three photos below. While not enough for a scientific poll, the answers are most certainly interesting.

donald 1

donald 2

donald hair

Out of the nine people surveyed only 4 recognized Trump by the above pictures.

Some of the people surveyed were then interviewed, the following interviews also showed an interesting variation of how some of the Chinese population is perceiving the American presidential candidate, including what they believe a future with Donald Trump as President would look like.

(Interviews have been translated from the original Chinese to English though emphasis has been placed on meaning rather than exact grammar structure. Interviewees names have been changed for privacy reasons and in case a man in a flying toupee tries to track them down and sue them).

Interview 1: Zhang

TWOC: Do you know this man?

Zhang: Yes he is a celebrity.

TWOC: Do you like him?

Zhang: Yes.

TWOC: Why?

Zhang: He is fun and has more public support, if he can win the election it will be funny.

TWOC: How do you think it would be for China and America if Trump won (the election)?

Zhang: It would be fine for both China and America if Trump became President, because Trump has no other rich people supporting him so Trump could represent more of America. Trump won’t be controlled by other people, he controls himself and that would be good for other countries.

(At this point my friend and translator interrupted the interview to ask her own question)

Liu: Trump himself is a rich man, would that be good for representation?

Zhang: He is still controlled by himself.


Interview 2: Meili

TWOC: So do you know this man?

Meili: Yes I know him.

TWOC: Do you like him?

Meili: No I don’t.

TWOC: Why not?

Meili: Because he is a war hawk

TWOC: If he became the American President what would happen?

Meili: There would be no peace in the world.

TWOC: What do you think of his opinions of China?

Meili: He is not kind to China so there is no benefit to China if he became the American President.

TWOC: What is your opinion of his politics?

Meili: He is rich but comparatively he is also very war focused. I believe that the American people love peace and will not let him win the election.


Interview 3: Songhua

(Came in during another interview and confirmed he knew who Trump was by photos)

TWOC: If Trump becomes President what do you think will happen?

Songhua: America will quickly fall apart.

TWOC: What do you think of his opinions of China?

Songhua: On that I’m not clear, I don’t know about him clearly, I just heard about him from friends and about Clinton. I think I know more about Clinton.

TWOC: Most people do.

Songhua: I think if Clinton is elected as President it would create a record, as the first female President.


Interview 4:  Dawei & Ming

(Dawei did not recognize Trump by his picture)

TWOC: What is your impression of this picture?

Dawei: He’s doing a speech, seems like he will do something big and important.

(Ming did recognize photo of Trump, knows from news on his phone that he is running for President)

TWOC: Do you feel like he would respect China?

Ming: I prefer Hillary Clinton.

TWOC: Would Trump be a good President for America?

Ming: I think Trump is similar to former President Bush, I saw a video of Trump the other day and his grammar isn’t good, it’s like a 5th grader’s.


Interview 5: Linna & Jingxin

TWOC:  Do you know the person in this picture?

Lina & Jingxin: No.

TWOC: No problem, what’s your opinion of them (the pictures)

Linna & Jingxin: His picture isn’t serious, it’s mean to make fun of or satirize him.


Many thanks to Liu Junnan for ascting as interview assistant and translator


Photos from aiweibang.comChina Daily, and fxingw.com