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Debate Reactions from the Middle Kingdom

What the Chinese online community make of the first round


Debate Reactions from the Middle Kingdom

What the Chinese online community make of the first round


While audiences half way across the globe were eagerly watching the first debate between potential leaders of the United States of America, the Chinese were keeping a close eye on proceedings (as much as possible) with the hope of entertainment and the expectation for a shout out. Those hoping to get better English skills from listening to Donald Trump, however, may be in for a bit of a shocker when it comes to sentence structure.

Right off the bat, China got a name check from Trump with trade deficits, and came back again with a much-anticipated cameo in climate change.

As the debate came to a close, many Chinese netizens went online to voice their opinions and thoughts. Here are a few of the best (worst) ones:



(As a President, needing to appease the public in these ways, constantly talking. It’s much better to be a Chairman of a communist state.)


迎风向上:回复@JJ_nana: 呵呵。讨好老百姓是在选举期间,当选后,还是要听利益集团的。

(@JJ_nana: Hehe. Appeasing the public is just for the election period. Afterwards, they still need to listen to interest groups.)



(This is the first time Hillary and Trump have debated for over a year. In essence, it’s just an oratory competition. What they say now does not represent what they will do in the future. It’s all for the voters, no other point to it. Maybe I’m wrong, but this is just how I feel.)



(A group of eunuchs hotly discussing other people’s sexual positions)


拂晓清云:对于没听懂的同学我来翻译一下(希拉里说:你去屎吧!  特朗普说:去尼玛的!)

(For those of you who do not understand, let me translate [Hillary: Go die! Trump: Up yours!])



(The one in the comments who pondered when China live stream elections, please go away. Country and governments are not the same, you cannot compare)



(Who asked when would China live stream elections…the Two Sessions have part which are live, are you blind and cannot see?)


pusscat1:希望希拉里赢 因为川普会让美国更强大

(Hope Hillary wins because Trump will make America stronger)



(Let Trump win, it will make America a bit weaker)


It turns out America and China aren’t that different after all; both at the mercy of trolls.


Cover image from China Daily