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Not your average guide book

Reasons to get TWOC's guide to Hangzhou


Not your average guide book

Reasons to get TWOC's guide to Hangzhou


There are many reasons to visit the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province; the food, the history, and West Lake are just some of the reasons people flock over every year.


If you happen to reside in the north of the country, making a trip this winter would be a great way to escape the frigid weather and debilitating smog. But for newbies to China, it may be hard to decide where to go and what to do.


Fortunately, we here at TWOC have put out both a paperback and digital version of our very special guide, Hangzhou at a Glance.


What makes it special?

Well, here’s a taste:


1. In the company of great men

TWOC tries to remain impartial when it comes to political viewpoints, so using “great” to describe these politicians (and not all of them were men) isn’t really proper. In any case, most of you are probably aware of the G20 summit that was held in Hangzhou last month. If you didn’t, then it may be time to claw your way out from that solid mineral formation under which you’ve been residing. At this meetings of leaders, each were handed a gift bag with items that represented the city.

One of those items was Hangzhou at a Glance.


2. Who needs a tour guide?

Have you ever wondered where Hangzhou got its name? Well, this and many other historical facts are included in the guide. Armed with all the relevant knowledge you need, you will find yourself with no need for a paid attendant to tell you how Yu the Great was so because he could control the flooding of the Yellow River.


3. Making money

Hangzhou at a Glance contains interviews and profiles of long-time residents and entrepreneurs who make the city one of their bases. While there, you can check out what makes Hangzhou such a boomtown for the business-savvy. From Jack Ma at Alibaba to the expat opening a bakery, Hangzhou is a hotbed of investment the whole world wants in on.


4. Cook like a local

Foodies aren’t just hipsters hopping from one restaraunt to the next. No, some people actually make food, and for those you’ll find recipes in Hangzhou at a Glance. Normally it would be near impossible to learn how to make local cuisine without visiting first, but with Hangzhou at a Glance you can cut out the middleman and go straight to making the dishes. Hangzhou cuisine aims to bring out the natural flavor in ingredients, so expect more pork and fewer chili peppers.



5. Know your way around

Hangzhou is the city of poetry and nature, and nature, well, isn’t great for city planning. Between the tea fields and the CBD, you’ll need to know where you’re going and how to get there. Hangzhou at a Glance provides readers with up-to-date guides on where to be and what to do whether your in the mall or down by the West Lake.




You can buy the paperback book or find our digital version on the app.