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10 Best Employers in China

Looking to change careers for the better? Here are the big names to watch.


10 Best Employers in China

Looking to change careers for the better? Here are the big names to watch.


Looking to find work in China?


Previously, TWOC introduced areas of employment for those wishing to forgo the standard expat practice of teaching English (which has suffered through its share of controversies over the years).


And if job satisfaction is an important criterion when considering employers, then a recent report released by Zhaopin (one of China’s top employment websites) and Peking University may be of help. They have drawn up a list of the top 10 employers in China.


According to participants in this survey, respect comes at the top of the list when it comes to the qualities an employer should have. Other considerations that job seekers take into account include fair treatment, benefits, attractive company culture, and (of course) a worthwhile salary.


Over four million people participated in this study, so let’s take a look that the winners, and, who knows, you may just find your next job.


10. Starbucks

No need to explain this one. You probably have one of their empty cups somewhere on your desk. And with  their plans of a complete Chinese coffee chokehold, jobs opening up and down the hierarchy should soon be available.


9. Mercedes-Benz

One of two German car makers on this list, Mercedes-Benz, or 奔驰 (bēnchí), has won over Chinese employees by adapting their slogan, “The Best or Nothing,” into the workplace. We assume.


8. IBM

American tech company IBM comes in at number eight. You know them. They make chips and computers and robots probably.


7. Ping An Insurance Company of China

Finally a Chinese company comes into play. Ping An has its headquarters based in Shenzhen, but you can pretty much find them in any city. Their name means “safe and sound” in Chinese and given its ranking it seems hard to argue.


6. Vanke

A Chinese real estate developer at a time when Chinese real estate is booming (any number of meanings behind this word). They have also extended their business to HK, the United States, and Malaysia. So yay.


5. People’s Insurance Company of China

Servicing the people since 1949, this state-owned company is China’s largest insurer of casual insurance. It is also the main go-between in China for foreign insurance companies and has offices in London and New York.


4. Alibaba

What needs to be said about Alibaba that hasn’t been said before. Just think back to 11/11.


3. BMW China

The second German car maker to make the list and BMW has managed a win over its long-standing rival Mercedes-Benz to claim a spot in the top three, making up the disappointment of being down three-nil in Formula One World Constructors’ Championships.


2. China Merchants Bank

If you’re in the habit of signing up for useless services that may provide discounts to other products later down the line, then China Merchants Bank is the one for you.


1. Tencent


So, one the biggest and most recognizable companies in China is also the best employer (according to that survey). This may not be surprising when you learn that last month Tencent said that they would be giving every single one of their 31,557 employees 300 shares of the company over the next three years (that’s a lot of threes) to celebrate their 18th anniversary (which is two times three times three).


Cover image from qianseit.com