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Hangzhou on Display

Hangzhou at a Glance travel guide goes on display across the city


Hangzhou on Display

Hangzhou at a Glance travel guide goes on display across the city


Promotional displays for Hangzhou at a Glance, the Commercial Press travel guide commissioned to mark the G20 summit in Hangzhou, have gone up in five Xiaofeng bookstores around the city, including the National Silk Museum.

Unlike most guides, Hangzhou at a Glance caters specifically to all types of travelers, from entrepreneurs and historians to families and foodies. Hangzhou at a Glance premiered at China’s G20 meeting in Hangzhou last year and was appreciated by international visitors and world leaders alike.

Compiled by expert staff at the Commercial Press’s flagship English-language magazine, The World of Chinese, the book features work from our award-winning writers and design staff, as well as work from local artists and photographers, including work from Zhu Chenzhou, famous for his ornithological photographs.

Featuring in-depth features and advice from writers who call Hangzhou home, the book includes a moving introduction by Alibaba founder and Hangzhou’s favorite son, Jack Ma. “Hangzhou is the Eden of Alibaba. To have been able to develop here is Alibaba’s privilege. Without Hangzhou, there is no Alibaba,” Ma observes.

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The book is broken into 10 sections catering for all tastes, and features maps, guides, and advice for every need, complete with listings – from those who want to become one with nature in the Xixi Wetlands or anyone looking to hit up H-Linx for late-night clubbing.

With fascinating research, many of it published for the first time in English, Hangzhou at a Glance includes a glimpse at Hangzhou’s long history of history and natural beauty. Hangzhou is perhaps best known for its culture and contributions to the arts, a subject that is covered thoroughly in the book, including the classic literature that would shape the nation for centuries and illustrations from Feng Zikai, the father of Chinese comics. From Dong Po’s famous pork to modern silk culture, the book is a fit for both experienced China hands and new visitors alike.

“The problem with traditional travel books is that they don’t really get into the meat of the subjects, just how to get there and how much it costs,” says Tyler Roney, managing editor of The World of Chinese magazine and project coordinator for the book. “But this book caters to traveler tastes, letting them browse for travel tips or read about ancient myths and legends.”


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