Cold Fashion: How Ancient Chinese Kept Warm in Winter

From paper and straw to fur coats...this is what ancient Chinese wore to keep themselves warm in winter


Haven of Humor: How Chinese Migrants Find Comfort in Comedy

In times of rising anti-migrant sentiment in the Netherlands, Chinese comedy clubs provide community and an outlet for reflections on diaspora life


Flying Blind: Visually Impaired Tourists Still Face Barriers

Despite the efforts of volunteers, poor accessibility still hinders tourism for China’s visually impaired

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Ancient Snitches: How China’s Emperors Encouraged Informants

From Wu Zetian to Emperor Yongzheng, China’s imperial rulers were obsessed with people conspiring against the throne and came up with various systems to encourage informers

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Degrees of Disillusionment: What’s Driving China’s Certification Craze?

Young workers are turning to qualifications, exams, and certificates to stay ahead in a competitive job market and to feel productive in their spare time


Sci-Fi Luminary Chen Qiufan on AI and Chinese Literature Abroad

Renowned Chinese sci-fi writer Chen Qiufan discusses his book “AI 2041,” humanity’s AI future, and how he gets published overseas

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How a Rural Woman Found Solace in Poetry

How poetry helped Han Shimei endure a loveless marriage and a lifetime of hardship in rural China


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