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The World of Chinese is part of The Commercial Press, the oldest publishing house in China. Our brand is not just a printed magazine, it is also a digital and a cultural publishing platform.We shares stories that entertain, inform and connect the growing number of Chinese language learners and people interested in China. The magazine’s soft editorial voice ties culture to language with original topics, fun stories and real cross-cultural interaction. Our content is created to be enjoyed first and instructive second.


The Commercial Press was founded in 1897 and it is the first modern publishing house in China. Its strong influence in the fields of culture and education have made it one of the most renowned publishing houses in China.

The Commercial Press is a colossal source for reference books in China and around the world:
– More than 600 million copies of the Xin Hua Dictionary sold.
– More than 50 million copies of the Contemporary Chinese Dictionary sold.
– More than 25 million copies of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary sold.


Chinese is quickly becoming one of most widely studied languages in the world, a market estimated at 40 million people (The Economist, Nov. 2010). Our distribution reflects this growing market, with distribution both domestically in China and overseas.


• Beijing 43.00%
• Shanghai 28.00%
• Other cities 9.00% (Guangzhou, etc…)

• 20.00% (USA, Australia, Europe)


Embassies and consulates, Chinese government offices, business and commercial associations, hotels and hostels, diplomatic compounds and high-end apartments, airports and airlines, international student offices, international schools, Chinese training centers, international health services, chain stores, restaurants/bars and coffee shops, foreign language bookstores, and cultural associations.

Worldwide Confucius Institutes, university Chinese departments, Chinese schools, German speaking regions via Saarbach, Australia via ATF, and libraries worldwide through Ingentaconnect.

Who Reads Us?

The World of Chinese reader is an explorer: curious, cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and passionate about China, the kind of audience advertisers love. Ranging from students to young professionals to seasoned managers who are drawn to China because of unparalleled opportunities, our readers are actively eager to learn about Chinese culture, business, and language. Not only are our readers interested in traditional Chinese culture to help them gain an understanding of how Chinese society functions, but they are partaking in everything that the new, contemporary and vibrant China has to offer.

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