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[Video] TWOC Ep. 2: The Art of Painting & Calligraphy

TWOC's new show discusses Thangka culture and whether Chinese painting should remain "pure"


Each day, TWOC brings you nuanced and cutting-edge coverage of China via our magazine, website, and social media platforms. And now, we have our TWOC TV!

In cooperation with China Central Television, TWOC is launching The World of Chinese web series, in which experts and opion leaders discuss topical issues from language, literature, art, cuisine, art, calligraphy, music, sport—almost every aspect of Chinese culture.

Everyone in China has an opinion about traditional painting and calligraphy—as with all things ancient and political.

Wang Shengqiang, a well-known contemporary writer, recently created a series of comics drawn with ink brushes that got many traditionalists hot and bothered. Where is the proper boundary between tradition and innovation—or should there even be one? What’s the best direction for Chinese painting to evolve? In this episode, TWOC invites Chinese artists to answers these and more questions, and also brings you the real stories behind Tibetan Buddhist Thangka paintings.

The Art of Painting & Calligraphy and Thangka Culture- Part 1

The Art of Painting & Calligraphy and Thangka Culture- Part 2

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