Schwarzman’s Chinese Legacy

In the name of cultural understanding, Schwarzman’s elite graduate program is preparing to open in Beijing


Prepping for the Beijing Lockdown

Info to get you through the Beijing parade lockdown


Shen Fu’s Floating Life

A pioneering puzzle of early 19th century Chinese literature


Songs of the South

A look at the culture, architecture, and music of the Dong people


Sunrise Before Time

A solar observatory reading the sky and ancient treasures underfoot


Shanghai’s Shadowy ‘Green Gang’

A glimpse into the powerful organized crime syndicate which arose in the Ming and Qing Dynasties


Sino-Japanese Youth Exchanges

The lowdown on the various ways in which Chinese and Japanese youth are engaging more positively than you might expect


From the Magazine



Four of China’s pre-human ancestors and what they tell us about life long ago and the modern human race

Rice Vs. Wheat

Study into origins of collectivist and individualist psychology provides food for thought

The Life Relocated

The unique, inventive lifestyle of residents moved to make way for modernity

Judgment Day

Recent legal reforms and how they're changing the face of China's judicial system

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