Being Friends With Chinese

Some of the common scenarios when it comes to friendships between Chinese and foreigners


Bullet to the head: Intro to ‘Bullet Subtitles’

The bizarre subculture of fan-made “Bullet Subtitles” and their not-so-secret lingo


Spirit of Christmas goes Capitalist Chinese

Christmas in Beijing – a cavalcade of commercial eyesores


A Foodie’s Spiritual Pilgrimage

Buddhist chefs, husband and wife lung slices, and a very hungry ghost


The Great Anti-Christmas Backlash

Christmas brings no pleasure to staunch Chinese traditionalists


Christmas Apples and Luxury Cars

Luxury cars used as store counters to sell China’s infamous “Christmas Apples”


The Parallel Online Universe of China’s 2014

Baidu’s 2014 top searches differ so much from Google’s that they don’t make sense


From the Magazine


Selling Self-Help

The Chinese people's obsession with self-help and the economy of selling success

Charm Offensive: Chen Guangbiao & Yuan Longping

Our final of our profiles of China's most influencial people: Yuan Longping and Chen Guangbiao

Charm Offensive: Wu Changhua and Wang Jianlin

Profiling Wu Changhua, China's Climate Changer, and Wang Jianlin, the Monopoly Man.

Charm Offensive: Hu Shuli & Jack Ma

From opinion-makers to world-shapers, influential Chinese people are changing the world.

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Not a good time to take a selfie

Surgeons pose for selfies in the operation room

Hu Jintao's top aide probed by discipline bodies

State media reveals that high-level official is being probed for violations of Party discipline

Xi is the most popular leader: survey

Xi Jinping has the highest ratings among world's top leaders

The Viral Week That Was: The Party's Advanced Sex

Wonderful mistranslations, foreigner gets weibo stardom for cursing in Chinese, and a gift prank

China to Fight Decline in Tourism

China tries to coax tourists into visiting her famous sights
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