Charm Offensive: Wu Changhua and Wang Jianlin

Profiling Wu Changhua, China’s Climate Changer, and Wang Jianlin, the Monopoly Man.


An Introduction to Peking Opera

From different roles to the meanings of masks


The Assembly-Line Poet

How one factory worker shocked the world with his haunting poetery


Ten Surprisingly Simple Weird Characters

Characters with six strokes or fewer that you’ve never heard of


Hello Kitty amusement park to open in China

The Hello Kitty Home will open its doors on the first day of New Year


Let’s Celebrate World Toilet Day!

Demands for toilet equality, and a look at other strange holidays


Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Yu Xuanji

Concubine, nun, and courtesan – this Tang Dynasty poet subverted gender roles in a huge way


From the Magazine


Charm Offensive: Hu Shuli & Jack Ma

From opinion-makers to world-shapers, influential Chinese people are changing the world.

China's Gene Dream

How China is changing the world of genomics

An Empty Sea

China's fish are disappearing, and it's about to be an empty sea

Rocking the boat

China’s building a new Silk Road- this time through the ocean

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