Does ‘correct’ art lie in the countryside?

Is the recent campaign to send artists to the countryside reminiscent of the Cultural Revolution?


They mind your manners: tourist troubles

The Chinese are travelling more but also becoming notorious for rough behavior


10 Ways to Avoid Looking like a Beijing Newbie

Here’s a few tips to look more ‘local’ so you can cruise around Beijing with charm


China Dispatch Offer: Free Issues!

Three free issues – a gift from us to you


Cancer Map of China

Which type of cancer is an average citizen most likely to develop?


Top Characters of 2014

Which Character Defines 2014?


Chen Man: China’s hippest photographer?

Chen Man is using her photography to carve out a new idea of beauty that is strong, bold and definitely Chinese.


From the Magazine


Selling Self-Help

The Chinese people's obsession with self-help and the economy of selling success

Charm Offensive: Chen Guangbiao & Yuan Longping

Our final of our profiles of China's most influencial people: Yuan Longping and Chen Guangbiao

Charm Offensive: Wu Changhua and Wang Jianlin

Profiling Wu Changhua, China's Climate Changer, and Wang Jianlin, the Monopoly Man.

Charm Offensive: Hu Shuli & Jack Ma

From opinion-makers to world-shapers, influential Chinese people are changing the world.

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