The Life Relocated

The unique, inventive lifestyle of residents moved to make way for modernity


Hair-Raising History

A look at just a few of the hairstyles in Chinese imperial history


Harbin Joins Visa-Free Policy

Another addition to the list of places in China that you can visit without a visa


Street Calligraphy

A quick look at everyone’s favorite hobby


On The Character 法

I fought the law, and a one-horned goat won


China, Turkey Improve Ties

China and Turkey agree to strengthen ties and fight terrorism


6 Musicians of Chinese Descent

They may not be mainstream, but they have influence


From the Magazine


Judgment Day

Recent legal reforms and how they're changing the face of China's judicial system

The Ayi Industry

The modern problems of and market solutions for China’s army of domestic service workers

Rock The Pop

How reality TV is changing the Chinese music industry

Money and Matrimony

A look at the skyrocketing costs and profits of tying the knot

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Maximize your relationships with compatibility tips from the Chinese Zodiac

Three Kingdoms in Japan

The history of a Chinese masterpiece on Japanese shelves

Ruck in Beijing

Swansea University enters Beijing rugby sevens competition

The Beginning of China's Beatboxers

China's beatbox scene is having a little trouble getting off the ground

The Fenghuang Phoenix by Night

Each night, the "Phoenix" Fenghuang UNESCO site transforms from a traditional town into a raucous night spot

Carved in Ivory

A glimpse into the history of ivory carvings in China
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