The Viral Week That Was: Ep 12

Starbury’s new flavor, blow up dolls are the new craze, senior citizen dancing, food for form


Draining the South

Mao’s vision of “borrowing” South China’s water for the North comes to fruition


The Bees of Banliao

Find traditional beekeepers hidden in the mountains of Fujian


Positions Available: Online Editorial Interns

Aspiring writers and journalists take heed – The World of Chinese has internships available


Knock Knock Knock China

Welcome to Weibo, Dr Sheldon Cooper


An Unusual Proposal

The tale of a less-than-orthodox proposal with more than a few bumps


From the Magazine


Boomtown Blues

How China's construction boom transformed its architecture

On The Trail Of The Chinese Hipster

Wenyi qingnian: Depoliticized remnants of the 1980s youth movement or just Chinese hipsters?

Secret Sutra

A priceless piece of human history in a treasure trove of ancient manuscripts and paintings

Beneath Skin Deep

As Chinese aesthetic ideals have evolved, so too has the burgeoning plastic surgery industry

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A Resolution for Every Year

Why is it this one resolution that is so hard to maintain?

Ladies First

In a world where more and more is becoming androgynous, is this the next step?

Fifth Film Fest Fever

Excitement heats up in the capital as the 5th Beijing International Film Festival gets started

Town of the Four Great Classicals

Explore the Four Chinese Great Classical Novels in the small town of Zhengding

Ten-Second Car

Box office records were left in the dust by a unstoppable cinematic juggernaut

Take a Breather

Ever wish you could quit everything and take some time off? You are not alone.
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