Translating China

The life and legacy of Sidney Sharpiro


What happens when you die?

A look at different Chinese mythologies on death and the afterlife


Workin’ on the Railroad

A look at the hardworking laborers and equipment that make China’s high-speed rails


The Viral Week That Was: Sleepy, Drunky, Cheaty, and Faux

Sleepy train travel, men campaigning for the right to cheat, copycat street with Obama-backed Chicken and 9-Eleven


Female students beware of online encounters

Girls, time to stop putting your personal information online?


Gutter oil into jet fuel

Technology developed in China to convert waste cooking oil into jet fuel China


China’s Top 10 Wackiest Buildings

Architecturally genius, inspired, or just plain strange – a testament to China’s weirdest modern constructions


From the Magazine


China's Gene Dream

How China is changing the world of genomics

An Empty Sea

China's fish are disappearing, and it's about to be an empty sea

Rocking the boat

China’s building a new Silk Road- this time through the ocean

China Rules the Waves

A look at the real ways China is changing the World's oceans

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Foreigners read, Chinese stuck on their phones

A reporter notices a strange difference in the way foreigners and Chinese waste time in a Bangkok airport

Five Deadliest Chinese Animals

Cobras, spiders, and bears, oh my!

The Chinese "Air Umbrella"

Air Umbrella keeps owners dry for three feet in every direction

Coming Home 《归来》

An introduction to Zhang Yimou's newest film

Badass Ladies of Chinese History: Wang Zhenyi

This master astronomer and mathematician solved the mystery of lunar eclipses

Being An Asian Foreign Student in China

Asian foreign students have it different in China
Heal and Beautify with Chinese Massage
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