Generational conflict in Hainan

Crises emerge as island’s population swells each winter


Revolution Youth

Over a hundred years ago they shaped a movement that transformed China


In a Chinese Galaxy Far, Far Away

Chinese Star Wars comics from 1980 are a thing, and they’re awesome


Memories of May Fourth in Downtown Beijing

Just a block from the Forbidden City sits the site of one of the greatest intellectual transformations in history


The Star Wars Guide to Emperor Removal

What George Lucas taught me about the 1912 abdication of the last emperor of China, Puyi


The Great Fapiao Mystery

A subtle guide to getting the money (and documentation) you’re owed


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 61

Teenage pregnancy fame, Jordan vs Qiaodan, traffic cop saves the day, and much more


From the Magazine



Middle-aged moms find new obsession in teenage boy bands

Gods of Change

China’s ethnic deities now face a more subtle threat: tourism

Peer Pressure

Pressure, fraud, and unethical practices haunt Chinese academia

Internet Superstar

Understanding the obsession with making and breaking online celebrities

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Crossed Wires

The Tale of the telegraph in the Middle Kingdom

Chinese Card Games: The Landlord

Learn the fine art of wheeling and dealing those cards if you wanna be the landlord

The Badge on the Border

A lawman protects and serves the wilderness of China’s south

Thicker Than Water

Family portraits that are not all that they seem

Frozen Falls

A frozen landscape and warm company on the edge of the Himalayan Plateau
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