French Masterpieces Come to China

A little je ne sais quoi comes to China


On The Character 罪

On the Chinese character 罪


Chinese Internet Slang joins English (slang)

Chinese Internet slang is becoming a hit the world over


“Ballads of Jade” 玉润琴书 lecture

“Ballads of Jade” starts on April, 27 in the Commercial Press Hanfen Gallery


808 ways to write Chinese, Korean and Japanese

808 traditional Chinese characters link Chinese, Japanese, and Korean


Facelift tourists struggle to come home

Girls are prettier after visiting Korea, but leaving isn’t easy


China’s Online Porn Purge

China’s never ending war on porn


From the Magazine


Super Cops

The finest of China's finest at their very best

China's Online Drug Bazaar

Taobao, QQ , and designer drug companies find loopholes, customers, and solace in the anonymity of the World Wide Web

The Beast Is Red

A chilling look at China’s mass murderers and the world around them

Stolen Childhoods

Child kidnappings leave scars across generations

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Latest From Topics

Hong Kong-Mainland Brawl over Peeing Infant

Mainland netizens argue that filming a girl peeing is unforgivable

No Pants on Harbin Subway

Commuters take off their pants to support World Earth Day

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Allergies

Traditional Chinese Medicine and seasonal allergies

Guangzhou College Girls Strip for Equality

Outcry against gender inequality met with negative and degrading responses

Show Time: White Collar Boxing in China

After 12 weeks of intensive boxing training, Cat "Monster" Nelson steps into the ring for the fight of her life.

Chengguan viciously beaten by mob of angry locals

Several chengguan beaten in vigilante revenge attack