Three Body The Third

Death’s End transforms physics into a nightmare hellscape of horror and loss. Also, there’s a love story.


Click Click Boom

China’s status as malware haven has a risky message for all


Ancient Love Tokens

99 iPhones are a terrible love token. Take a cue from ancient Romeos for a touch of class


A History of Intrigue in Nanjing

The Presidential Palace provides an illuminating snapshot of China’s modern power plays


Trademark the Dragon

China’s thriving industry of unlicensed Bruce Lee products


Hangzhou’s Greatest Foodies

Three of the greatest influences on Chinese cookery


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 81

DIY emeralds, more selfish plane passengers, Asian attitudes toward neighbors, and more dama dancing


From the Magazine


Women's Work

What the women of China earn, what they deserve, and what they’re missing

Schools of Hard Knocks

China responds to spate of savage bullying incidents caught on camera

Still Life in the City

Building artist villages away from the hustle and bustle

High Price to Die

Life can be hard. Death isn’t easier.

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The Way of the Scissor

How to get through your next haircut

Women's Work

What the women of China earn, what they deserve, and what they’re missing

Sowing the melon seeds of love

Cracking the mystery of China's seed-eating habit

Xinhua vs. KCNA

China's banal state media vs North Korea's insane proclamations: which one wins?

Hostile hostels

Chinese youth hostels exist in a legal gray zone, with little protection from bad guests or proprietors
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