Qipa Talk: China’s Weirdest Debate

It’s a far cry from formal debating, but online show Qipa Talk tackles relevant day-to-day social issues


“Ten Abominations” in Ancient Law

A look at the most heinous crimes on the books


China’s richest man declares war on Disney

Billionaire Wang Jianlin vows to crush Disney in China


All the Emperor’s Mén

The cosmic and mundane functions of gates on Beijing’s lost city wall


The Viral Week That Was: Ep 64

Math fail, bikini crayfish ladies, female airport lines, and iPhone prices worldwide: it’s Viral Week


Taiyuan Endures

A magic fountain, twin pagodas, and a legacy of imperial might—all in a third-tier city


The Mermaid

A tale of mythology and environmentalism from the man that brought us Kung Fu Hustle


From the Magazine



Middle-aged moms find new obsession in teenage boy bands

Gods of Change

China’s ethnic deities now face a more subtle threat: tourism

Peer Pressure

Pressure, fraud, and unethical practices haunt Chinese academia

Internet Superstar

Understanding the obsession with making and breaking online celebrities

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How An Lushan’s Rebellion changed China

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The Viral Week That Was: Ep 63

Captain China, panda acting cheeky, Chinese Trump support, and more
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