Hong Kong’s Human Trafficking Trade

Hong Kong’s prostitution and trafficking trade


Thunder God Vine Smacks Down Western Medicinal Rivals

A Chinese herb has proved more effective than Western drugs


China’s Record Illegal Weapons Haul

China seizes a record amount of illegal weapons in Guizhou


The Viral Week That Was: Part 13

Crazy girl, new weibo star, a thief who gave money, ‘glitch” buildings, painting ditched as trash, and calls for Dou Jingtong to come out as lesbian


Two Chicks At The Same Time

A Ningbo man pretends to marry two women to bring his mother some good cheer


Steamed Bun Samaritans Bullied To Tears

Henan store-owners end up in tears after performing good deed


Print-a-home: the future of housing?

New 3D printing technology unveiled which enables us to ‘print’ houses made out entirely of recyclable material.


From the Magazine


Super Cops

The finest of China's finest at their very best

China's Online Drug Bazaar

Taobao, QQ , and designer drug companies find loopholes, customers, and solace in the anonymity of the World Wide Web

The Beast Is Red

A chilling look at China’s mass murderers and the world around them

Stolen Childhoods

Child kidnappings leave scars across generations

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No charge for raping men in China

A man drugs six young men before molesting and robbing them

Journalist Exposes China's Orgy Fest

Sex trading and orgy party for the rich in Sanya, Hainan

Shanghai Sexpo Success

Erotic Shanghai Sexpo event draws crowds from across China

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