Ugly School Textbook Controversy and Other Trending News

Dancing Psyduck toy goes viral, ugly textbook illustrations panned, undergraduate rejected from job for being “too old,” man scales 37 floors unaided—it’s Viral Week

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End of the Line: How to Beat China’s Scam Callers

Our guide to identifying and dealing with common phone scams


First Covid-19 Deaths in Over a Year and Other Trending News

Two Covid-19 deaths in Jilin, actor fined 106 million yuan for tax evasion, ban on flavored vapes, sexist ad panned—it’s Viral Week


The Top Brand Scandals of 2021

Sexist, discriminatory, and dishonest brands that met the wrath of Chinese consumers this year


The Low Bar for Online Defamation in China

Several women have been falsely accused of promiscuity and “money worship” online, highlighting a lack of legal protection against internet rumors


False Viral “Gold-Digger” Photo Sparks Debate and Other Trending News

Dead livestreamer’s ashes stolen for “ghost marriage,” mother arrested for buying foreign medicine for sick son, cuddly cactus toy turns out to be singing about suicide—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Snowstorms Batter North China and Other Trending News

Northern China sees snowstorms and lowest temperatures for a decade, another scandal for pop idol Zhou Zhennan, esports team claim League of Legends World Championship—it’s Viral Week


China’s “Disappeared” Celebrities of 2021

The biggest Chinese celebs engulfed by scandal so far in 2021

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