Is “Saturday Fiction” too edgy for China’s mainstream? | Film Review

Gong Li’s yarn of empowered female espionage in war-torn Shanghai aimed big at the Chinese box office, but confuses complexity for entertainment



Kids bags

The “Designer” Bags of Ancient China

Centuries before Chanel and Hermès became status symbols, ancient Chinese could tell a person’s rank from the bag they carried


The Family Mansion at the Heart of Yunnan’s Modern History

How the Zhu clan became one of the richest and most powerful families in all Yunnan from their business base in Jianshui


Chinese female astronaut

Viral Week: First Chinese Woman Visits Space Station and Other Trending News

Three more astronauts visit Tianhe space station, murder in Shanghai, LinkedIn leaves China, otter rewarded for saving cellphone—it’s Viral Week

Confucius Ceremony Red Dancers

Celebrating Confucius’s 2,725th Birthday

A ceremony at Beijing’s 14th century Confucius temple celebrates a sage's birth based on 2,000-year-old traditions


Will Reality TV Save Chinese Stand-Up Comedy?

Why did comedy show “Rock & Roast” get famous—and will its popularity last?

Young kid enjoying some berries

A Guide to China’s Fruit Culture

How to eat and understand the history of some of China’s culturally significant fruits

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TWOC Tales with a Twist @Soi Bao Chao

  • August 18, 2021
  • Soi Bao Chao, 10 Baochao Hutong | 东城区 东城区宝钞胡同10号
  • Free

Join us for a night of storytelling in this open-mic evening where you can come and share one of your adventures, a fictional story or something that happened for real!

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TWOC Tales with a Twist

  • July 14, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

Join us on July 14th for a night of stories where fact and fiction blend. During this open mic event, people can share stories, whether real or not. The crowd will be the judge if they believe your story!

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What is the Future of China’s Animation Industry?

  • June 26, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

On June 26, join us for an exclusive events with influential guests from the animation industry in China.

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