Parallel Idioms that Cross Language Barriers

English and Chinese sayings that are almost exactly equivalent



AI 2041

Exploring Humanity’s Many Possible AI Futures | Book Review

Entrepreneur Kai-Fu Lee and sci-fi writer Chen Qiufan weave fiction and technical explanation to illustrate the opportunities and pitfalls of artificial intelligence


Celebrating Confucius’s 2,725th Birthday

A ceremony at Beijing’s 14th century Confucius temple celebrates a sage's birth based on 2,000-year-old traditions


Shan Xi floods

Viral Week: Five Dead in Shanxi Floods and Other Trending News

Covid outbreak in Xinjiang, 120,000 displaced Shanxi flooding, hospital forces woman into unnecessary surgery—it’s Viral Week

Seeking Ghosts

Seeing Ghosts | Book Review

How the memoirs of a Chinese American author, haunted by her parents, can help us relate to our own families

Chen Yuelong wildlife protection worker

My Years as a Wildlife Rescue Worker

From observing giant pandas in the high-altitude forests of Sichuan to raising baby badgers in Nanjing city—what’s it like working to protect wildlife in China?

Book cover

The Raw and Unabashed Poetry of Yu Xiuhua | Book Review

Yu Xiuhua’s “Moonlight Rests on My Left Palm” is a celebration of the power of straight-talking

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TWOC Tales with a Twist @Soi Bao Chao

  • August 18, 2021
  • Soi Bao Chao, 10 Baochao Hutong | 东城区 东城区宝钞胡同10号
  • Free

Join us for a night of storytelling in this open-mic evening where you can come and share one of your adventures, a fictional story or something that happened for real!

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TWOC Tales with a Twist

  • July 14, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

Join us on July 14th for a night of stories where fact and fiction blend. During this open mic event, people can share stories, whether real or not. The crowd will be the judge if they believe your story!

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What is the Future of China’s Animation Industry?

  • June 26, 2021
  • The Great Outdoors 野友趣精酿餐酒吧
  • Free

On June 26, join us for an exclusive events with influential guests from the animation industry in China.

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