Could You Pass Ancient China’s Exam for Child Prodigies?

China’s imperial examinations included a controversial test for gifted children


Young Chinese Are Seeking Friends—With No Strings Attached

“More than acquaintances, not quite friends”: A new Chinese term shows how youngsters are seeking shallow social relationships without expectations of commitment


At World’s End: My Life in China’s Antarctic Research Station

Four-time Antarctic expeditioner Cao Jianxi recalls the dangers, thrills, and lifelong bonds he developed in one of the world’s most extreme environments

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A collagen drink becomes the latest product in China to be slammed for gender discrimination in advertising

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The Forgotten Story of Ancient China’s “First Skyscraper”

Liaodi Pagoda, once the tallest structure in the world, now stands as part of the backdrop of a crowded square in a small Hebei city

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Was China’s Love for Camping Just a Pandemic-Fueled Fad?

With Covid-19 restrictions lifted, campsites struggle to adapt to fierce competition and increased choice for travel-deprived tourists


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