2023 Magazines Bundle


2023 Magazines Bundle

Each magazine features over 100 pages of in-depth features on Chinese life and society, analysis of the latest online trends, investigations into ancient cultural phenomena, photo stories of everyday life, language learning material, and much more. 

Tap any of the images in this post to access our mini-program and get your bundle of four issues of TWOC from 2023!

Your 2023 bundle will include the following magazine issues:

Issue 1: Kinder Cities

Can China make urban life friendly for children? We investigate by examining childcare shortages and child-friendly cities initiatives in this issue’s cover story. Elsewhere, we report the last days of an iconic Hong Kong market, take a motorbike trip around Taiwan, interview a couple making art out of hair, discover how the pandemic affected tattooists in Chengdu, and much more!

Issue 2: After the Factory

In our cover story in this issue, we look at two generations of migrant workers: those who began working in the 1980s and ’90s but now struggle to afford retirement; and the country’s Gen Z migrant workers who are no longer satisfied with working in a factory or on a construction site, instead finding more freedom in the digital economy. We also reported on how young professionals are changing care for the elderly; the warped world of Chinese online reviews; the struggle against adolescent depression; an uncertain future facing long-distance buses, and much more!

Issue 3: Small Town Saga

For our 100th issue, we shine the spotlight on China’s small towns and lower-tier cities, from Hefei to Zhengzhou, Qingdao to Zhaoqing, where most of the urban population live and some of the richest human stories lie.

We also investigate why Chinese climbers flock to Earth’s tallest peak, despite the huge risks; and the rise of another deadly trend for extreme weight loss techniques. We also talk about ethical dilemmas in documentary-making; explain how an imported noodle dish became the pride of a Hunan city; visit a community with strong faiths in the Yunnan mountains; and much more!

Issue 4: Online Odyssey

This issue’s cover story examines the development of China’s internet and how it continues to shape society 30 years on. We reflect on China’s earliest social media platforms; how they rose as forums for open discussion and declined into obsolescence or, worse, transformed into pits of misogyny. 

Elsewhere in this magazine, we discover what it’s like to be a female sports fan in China. Despite misogyny and abuse (online and offline), they still fight for safe spaces to pursue their passion. We also ask translators what ChatGPT means for their careers, find out why there’s a consumer backlash against pre-prepared meals, ask whether China’s comic strips will ever be as interesting as they were in the 1990s, spend time with local herders on the Inner Mongolian grassland, learn how to talk like a Chinese investor, and much more.