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TWOC TV EP. 8: Of Life and Literature

TWOC's experts explain how the reemergence interest in Chinese literary classics helps with life and learning


A recent uptick in the quality of Chinese light entertainment has placed a renewed emphasis on classical Chinese influences, such as history, archaeology, philosophy, and literature.

朗读者 Langduzhe, also known by its English name The Reader, is one of the better-known beneficiaries of this trend, its popularity generally adduced to the fact that the medium of literature has an accessible threshold: Anyone can pick up a book.

As Zeng Guofan once said: “Man’s temperament is hard to change, Only reading can change it.” Reading can expand  life experience and enrich one’s inner world—but how to start from scratch and keep on improving our reading skills?

In this week’s episode, The World of Chinese experts explain how reading the literary classics can help with life, love, and learning…


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