Photo Credit: Jiayu Zhang (张佳羽)

Beijing’s Snowy Spell in Photos

A week of snow turned Beijing into a winter wonderland

Beijing has transformed into a snowy landscape, following days of intermittent snowfall that have triggered urgent weather warnings from the city’s emergency services. On Wednesday, the Beijing Municipal Emergency Bureau issued an orange alert, the second-most intense level in the spectrum, advising residents to take precautions against the cold and minimize travel within the city. The sub-zero temperatures and snow-clogged streets have led to traffic jams, long lines at subway stations, and prolonged wait time on ride-hailing apps.

Despite the challenges, the city is still bustling. Delivery people expertly navigate their electric bicycles along the icy roads, bringing hot drinks and food to people’s doorsteps. The Forbidden City and other attraction sites are buzzing with visitors, eagerly capturing the picturesque snow day through a frenzy of snapshots. Hardy locals continue with their daily routines. In the Houhai area, a popular tourist destination known for its surrounding restaurants and vibrant nightlife, some senior swimmers even brave the cold for dips in the partially-frozen lake.

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A man swimming in the iced water

Swimmers may need to break the thin ice on the lake before taking a dip (Jiayu Zhang)

A panda in Beijing Zoo playing with snow

Pandas, with their thick fur, are always spotted frolicking in the snow, as their abundant coat provides them with protection against the cold (VCG)

People in winter clothing joyfully playing in the snow in Palace Museum

The Forbidden City has become a top tourist spot, thanks to its picturesque charm, with the white snow accentuating the majestic palace set against its iconic red walls (VCG)

Tourists flocking to the Palace Museum for snow scenes

With an 80,000 entry limit per day, tickets for the Forbidden City are sold out during the snowy days (VCG)

Two girls in hanfu in the Palace Museum

People seize the opportunity for a photoshoot in the snow, donning the traditional hanfu (VCG)

A delivery drive riding a motorcycle on a icy road

While delivery fees are higher during extreme weather like a snowstorm, delivery drivers have to bear the risks of slipping and falling on icy roads (VCG)

Students walking on the iced road

The city has mandated remote learning for all elementary and middle school students during the snowstorm days (VCG)

A woman smiling beside a snowman in Beijing

Snowmen have popped up all over the city after the heavy snow (VCG)

Tourists in Tian'anmen Square during snowy day

Military overcoats have made an unexpected comeback in fashion this year, proving especially useful on snowy days (VCG)


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