With the Spring Festival holiday extended nationwide due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, we bet you’re thinking, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if I had something to read at home?”

To better serve our readers during these exceptional times, The World of Chinese WeChat store is offering two free issues of our digital magazine, “Home Bound” and “China Chic,” and a 10 percent discount (originally 16.9 RMB, now 15 RMB) on our first issue of 2020, “Alpine Ambitions.”

Receive a discount on the World of Chinese's most recent issue Alpine Ambitions.

Alpine Ambitions: Welcome to the world's fastest growing ski market: We explore China's flurry of investment in winter sports and the realities on the slopes. We sample changing tastes toward MSG, talk to a pioneering female esports champion, and more.

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Furthermore, readers can have free access to our book “Shandong: Rivers Deep, Mountain High,” our writers and editors’ guide to the history, culture, and nature of one of China’s most fascinating provinces.

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TWOC’s website and social media pages will continue to be updated throughout this period with news about the human impact of the virus, and other high-quality China stories you’ve come to expect from us. Stay healthy, and thank you for your continued support.