TWOC is pleased to announce the results of The World of Chinese Cup English Writing Competition. The inaugural edition of our annual contest saw entries from over 200 writers of varying ages and nationalities, who displayed a greater range of interpretations of our essay questions than we could ever have imagined.

We will be in touch with the winners individually to distribute the certificates, prizes, and comments from our judges. Edited versions of all winning entries will be published on our website. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest—we hope to see you again next year!


First prize

Emily Lin-Jones (USA) – “Meet Me at KTV”

Second prize

Tiana Wang 王添儒 (USA) – “Sentiment over Structure: The Modern Ideal Chinese Household”

Wendy Lin 林文敏 (China) – “China—Different From Your Imagination”

Third prize

Armando N. Penafuerte III (Philippines) – “Edit Us Out”

Wang Yanan 王亚男 (China) – “Liar”

Anna Vines (UK) – “A Mother’s Love”

Honorable mentions

Liliana Iaia 吴丽丽 (Italy) – “The Soul(s) of China”

Song Lijun 宋丽鋆 (China) – “A Fortune-Teller”

Jiang Qiwei 蒋淇玮 (China) – “A Date with the Chinese Medical Sage, Zhang Zhongjing”

Amirul Bin Mohd Sajadi (Malaysia) – “How Stephen Chow Inspired a Malaysian Boy”


First prize


Second prize

Elisa Wang (China) – “Grandfather’s Scar”

Third prize

Liu Weiyun 刘微云 (China) – “An Ideal Household in Today’s China”