杭州一瞥:精读版 Hangzhou at a Glance (Audio)

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杭州一瞥:精读版 Hangzhou at a Glance (Audio)

Book 1: Hangzhou Historians

A Long Walk Through Hangzhou’s History

1. Foreword

2. Touching the Past

3. Liangzhu Culture: A Story Etched in Jade

4. Hangzhou History Begins

5. Lady of the West

6. Rise of the City on the Lake

7. Aqueduct of Ages

8. Hangzhou’s Protector

9. Glowing with Leifeng

10. The Legend of the White Snake

11. Dawn of the Southern Song

12. Discover Song Porcelain

13. West Lake, History, and Tomorrow

14. Marco Polo’s City of Heaven

15. The Butterfly Effect at Wansong Academy

16. Historical Hotspots


Book 2: Hangzhou Hermits

Seeking a Spiritual Journey in the Green City

1. The Green City

2. Bird Watching

3. A Walk with the Divine Farmer

4. Top 10 Scenes of West Lake

5. Solace in the Xixi Wetlands

6. The Bamboo-Lined Path at Yunqi

7. Qiantang River Tidal Bore

8. Hitting the Trails

9. The Pilgrim and the Hermit

10. The Maverick Monk

11. Pilgrims Praying for Sunny Days

12. The Southeastern Buddhist Kingdom

13. Looking for Immortals

14. Hangzhou Churches


Book 3: Modern Hangzhou

Entrepreneurial Hub, Shopping Heaven, and Party Town

1. Open for Business

2. The Southern Banks

3. Qianjiang CBD, Garden of Eden

4. Legend of Alibaba

5. Jack Ma on Hangzhou

6. Business Advice From Those in the Know

7. Shopping and Saving

8. The Silk Culture in Hangzhou

9. The Crafts of Hangzhou

10. Tea From the Dragon

11. Know Where to Shop

12. Hangzhou Nights


Book 4: A Home in Hangzhou

Everyone Has a Home in Hangzhou

1. Musing at the Museum

2. The Poetry of Hangzhou

3. The Sound of Hangzhou

4. Hungry Hangzhou

5. Hangzhou’s Greatest Foodies

6. Signature Hangzhou Dishes

7. Longjing Shrimp

8. Eat Well on Royal Streets

9. For the Family

10. We Are Family

11. Road Trip

12. Making Hangzhou Home

13. Staying Centered and Keeping Fit

14. Take It as Read

15. Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hangzhou