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China to open $8 billion Belt and Road theme park

Combining trade, entertainment, and traveling at breakneck speeds

Ambitious plans to build a sprawling ‘One Belt, One Road’ theme park are already underway near Dunhuang, in Gansu Province, officials announced today.

Local officials say “OBORWorld” will bring at least 80,000 jobs to the less-developed region and represents a flagship project for the development of interior tourism, according to the comprehensive reforms laid out in the work report delivered to the fourth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee.

“OBORWorld will revive, deepen, and expand cross-border entertainment with modern technology and know-how,” Ministry of Commerce spokesman Wei Lu told guests at a groundbreaking ceremony attended by local businessmen, TV stars, and representatives from the embassy of Tonga.

The 250,000 square-meter park will follow a well-developed, scientific, procedure-based, and effective framework, and be split into several areas, including European Experience, Islamic Welcome, and Africa Land: Journey to the Unknown, for the purposes of “conjoining economies, countries, companies, international, and regional organizations and people in pursuit of moderate, regional and prosperous entertainment,” according to Wei.

OBORWorld is expected to cost around 551,808,000,000 RMB ($8 billion), which will be spent on implementing advanced foreign technology to create rides from more than 60 countries and regions, including “Maritime Silk Road,” a 28,000 square-meter lake, and “Bilateral Ties” a two-sided, zero-gravity rollercoaster.

Leaders expect OBORWorld to prove a credible rival to Disneyland within the next five years.


OBORWorld preliminary design from Baidu

We jest! April Fools!

Unfortunately this exciting proposal has not been set into motion (yet). But fear not, there are other theme parks that are worth a look for thrill-seekers such as yourselves. 


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