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Deadline Extended: The World of Chinese Cup English Writing Competition

There’s still a chance to submit to “The World of Chinese Cup” English writing competition

I. Contest schedule

1. Submissions are open from October 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. Details are posted on the following platforms:
The World of Chinese Official Website: www.theworldofchinese.com
The World of Chinese WeChat Account:


2. *DEADLINE EXTENDED* The closing date for entries is 11:59 p.m. on June 30, 2019
3. Results will be announced in August 2019
4. Categories:
 Adult (18 and over)
 Student (under 18)
5. Please refer to our official website and WeChat account for updates on the competition.

II. Requirements and Consent

1. Fill out contestant information form. Refer to Section V. How to Enter for instructions on how to submit your work.
2. Contestants may be of any nationality.
3. Each contestant may only submit one essay. Essay should be written independently; co-authored essays are not accepted.
4. Essays should be written in English.
5. Essays should be original works of the author that have not been previously published on any media platforms (including magazines, newspapers, websites, personal blogs, and social media accounts).
6. Essays will be checked to ensure their originality. Contestants will be disqualified if their submission is found to contain plagiarized or uncredited material.
7. By submitting your essay to the competition, you confirm that The Commercial Press and The World of Chinese have exclusive rights to edit and publish your essay.

III. Awards

1. The competition is divided into two categories based on age: Adult (18 and over) and Student (under 18)
2. Each category is judged separately and will each grant one first place award, two second place awards, and three third place awards, as well as honorable mentions.
First Place
(1) Cash prize of 1,000 RMB;
(2) Magazines, books, and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese;
(3) The opportunity to be published in The World of Chinese print magazine (ISSN:1673-7660).
Second Place
(1) Cash prize of 800 RMB;
(2) Magazines, books, and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese;
(3) The opportunity to be published on The World of Chinese official website.
Third Place
(1) Cash prize of 500 RMB;
(2) Magazines, books and limited-edition handcrafts from The World of Chinese;
(3) The opportunity to be published on The World of Chinese official website.
Honorable Mention
Magazines, books, and limited-edition handcrafts by The World of Chinese.
3. All winning essays will receive feedback from senior editors at The World of Chinese; winning authors will be offered internship and freelance opportunities with The World of Chinese magazine
4. Institutions that actively recruit entrants the competition will receive a certificate of “Outstanding Organization” and a partnership with The World of Chinese – China Story Reading and Writing Base.

IV. Topics and Word Count

1. Topics:
a) If you get the chance to converse with any famous Chinese figure (including but not limited to historical figures, contemporary figures, and fictional characters from literary works), what would you say to them?
b) Once, it was “four generations under one roof.” What is the ideal Chinese household today?
c) A friend visits from abroad and asks to see the “real China.” Where do you take them?
d) Tell us the story of a Chinese person in your life.
2. Word count: All essays should be between 500 and 750 words long.

V. How to Enter

1. Download the submission form from our official website, fill in your personal information and essay content, and send the form back as a attachment to chinastory2018@theworldofchinese.com.
2. Email subject line:Name_Nationality_Essay title (e.g. Shan Gao_China _Cashless Society)
3. Please follow this essay format:
Font: Georgia
Font color: black
Font size: 12
Spacing: double
Alignment: Align text to the left

VI. Contact

If you have questions or concerns about the competition, please contact The World of Chinese organizing committee at:
Ms. Wang Wei
Email: chinastory2018@theworldofchinese.com
Address: 1508/1509 Jiahui International Center, 14 Jiqingli, Chaowai Street, Beijing

Stay tuned for our new contest, “The World of Chinese Cup” English Talent Competition – details to come in April 2018

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