Difficulty obtaining divorce and a lack of legal protection lead families to “kidnap” for custody

Beating out The Predator at October’s box office, Feng Xiaogang-produced thriller Lost, Found proves that custody battles can be more suspenseful than extraterrestrial invasions.

In the opening scenes, lawyer Li Jie warns a divorcing client not to let his ex take their child out of sight—foreshadowing the abduction of Li’s own daughter. Li suspects her ex-husband of involvement, and he blames her (the culprit, ironically, is the nanny, whom Li had hired to prevent a custody-kidnap in the first place).

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author Hatty Liu

Hatty Liu is the managing editor of The World of Chinese, and an award-winning communications researcher. Born in China, and raised in China, Canada, and the US, she leverages her cross-cultural identity to create more empathetic knowledge across national boundaries.

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