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Photo Credit: Nicoco Chan

Relief as Shanghai Finally Begins to Reopen

After nearly two months of strict lockdown, Shanghai residents are slowly being allowed outside again

After nearly two months of strict lockdown measures in response to a Covid-19 outbreak, Shanghai has begun easing restrictions. The city government has announced that up to 96 percent of the city’s residents will be allowed to move “unrestricted” from tomorrow, June 1. Public transport has slowly started to resume operations, taxis and ride hailing firms will begin to take passengers again, while private cars will be allowed back on the roads. In recent days, increasing numbers of residential compounds have begun issuing some residents with exit permits to leave their apartment complexes for limited periods.

As people began venturing outside, some for the first time in over 60 days, there is joy and relief despite many storefronts still being shuttered and streets barricaded. We captured the scenes from the slow reopening:

Photography by Nicoco Chan


author Nicoco Chan

Nicoco Chan is the multimedia editor of TWOC.

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