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As the year 2023 starts, we review our top 3 stories from 2022 and make a few predictions for trends in China’s culture industries in 2023.


- Aladin Farré: Founder of Middle Earth Podcast
- Hatty Liu: Managing editor at TWOC
- Jesse Appel, Sara Huang, Yang Yu, & Jingtong Zhu

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- Our top 3 podcast episodes of the year
#79 Exploring Wuxia
#67 Creating Games for the West

#64 Gambling in China : How Covid-19 helped the industry grow

- Peter Chan’s interview about his movie LEAP (2020)
- The article Land of Milk and Honey: The Story of China’s Most Profitable Milk Tea Brand by TWOC
- The article Boom, Bluff, Bust by TWOC
- Wuxia novels published on TWOC: Restaurant of The Thousand Arms, Martial Tea and Night Moves, by author Hu Yuesheng (胡月生).

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author Aladin Farré

Aladin Farré is the founder and host of Middle Earth Podcast and a contributing writer at The World of Chinese.