Covid Spreads Through China and Other Trending News

Soaring infections, questionable treatments, viral dance moves, medicine price gouging, and a meteorite spotted—it’s Viral Week


20th Party Congress Opens and Other Trending News

Communist Party congress opens, netizens mourn famous cat’s death, new fungus species wets tastebuds, woman finds mother 32 years after her abduction—it’s Viral Week


Greatest Mysteries: The Story of China’s Most Famous UFO Sighting

In 1994, a woodcutter claimed to have a date with a 3-meter-tall female alien, and never wavered from his story since


Where Are They Now: The People Who Went Viral

From the “zipline girl” to the ex-thief with a catchphrase, here’s what happened to the ordinary people who became overnight sensations in the last 30 years

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