Photographing the Remnants of “Zero Covid”

After the sudden end of China’s “dynamic zero” Covid policy, photographers capture the lingering relics of the country’s pandemic prevention apparatus


Numbered Days: My Grandmother’s Last Month in the ER with Covid-19

As the pandemic ravaged China in late 2022, a family struggles with the decision to send a dying elder to overcrowded hospitals


Covid Spreads Through China and Other Trending News

Soaring infections, questionable treatments, viral dance moves, medicine price gouging, and a meteorite spotted—it’s Viral Week


China’s Team Didn’t Make the World Cup, But These Fans Did

Sneaking out of lockdown, paying small fortunes, and contracting Covid: the travails of Chinese soccer fans at the FIFA World Cup

Comedy and Afternoon Naps: How Chinese Cinemas Weathered the Pandemic

After lockdowns and gathering restrictions ravaged movie theaters across China, those remaining are looking for alternative business models to survive


Jiang Zemin Passes Away and Other Trending News

China’s former president dies aged 96, multiple cities relax Covid restrictions, Chinese tea granted World Heritage status, astronauts return from space—it’s Viral Week


How Quarantine Made Me Fall In Love With the Countryside

A six-month stay in a Chinese village helped a family return to their roots


The Workers in Limbo During Guangzhou’s Covid Outbreak

Workers in Guangzhou’s urban villages face days living on the streets as their residences restrict entry


Officials Reaffirm “Zero Covid” Amid Outbreaks and Other Trending News

Local governments’ Covid prevention measures criticized, lonely students make cardboard pets, luxury earrings put official in hot water, teacher dies after online trolls disrupt classes—it’s Viral Week


Factory Workers Flee Lockdown on Foot and Other Trending News

Factory workers walk home on foot amid alleged Covid outbreak, women’s protection law updated, dog uses facial recognition, toddler gives laptop a bath, rapping villager goes viral—it’s Viral Week

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