Gender-Based Violence: A Year in the News

After the Tangshan restaurant attack, we look at how discussions about gender permeated news of violent acts in the past year


Violent Assault on Women at Restaurant Provokes Outrage and Other Trending News

Brutal attack on women provokes shock, luxury car owners feud over parking space, delayed ambulance blamed for student’s death, tattoo ban for minors—it’s Viral Week


First Covid-19 Deaths in Over a Year and Other Trending News

Two Covid-19 deaths in Jilin, actor fined 106 million yuan for tax evasion, ban on flavored vapes, sexist ad panned—it’s Viral Week


The Art Exhibition “Breaking the Chain” on Human Trafficking

An online art exhibition calls attention to the infamous “chained woman” case in eastern China, despite repeated censorship


Hotel Room With View of Tigers and Other Trending News

Wildlife park criticized for tiger-enclosure hotel room, man smashes ancient Buddha statues after prayers go unanswered, home-alone dog trashes house—it’s Viral Week


Mother of Murdered Woman Finally Compensated and Other Trending News

Mother of murdered woman finally compensated, blind date couple forced to quarantine together, Omicron cases spread, more ostriches on the loose—it’s Viral Week


Kidnapped Child Finally Reunited with Family and Other Trending News

Parents finally track down kidnapped son, urban management officers criticized for overzealous patrols, China gets first ever snowboard champion—it’s Viral Week


My Time as a Guard in a Women’s Detention Center

Dealing with troubled pasts, endless waiting, and death sentences at a women’s detention center


False Viral “Gold-Digger” Photo Sparks Debate and Other Trending News

Dead livestreamer’s ashes stolen for “ghost marriage,” mother arrested for buying foreign medicine for sick son, cuddly cactus toy turns out to be singing about suicide—it’s Viral Week

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