ChatGPT Gold Rush: How AI Business (and Crime) Is Taking Shape in China

ChatGPT and Chinese alternatives like Baidu’s Ernie have entrepreneurs harnessing AI for profit, while lawmakers are reigning in nascent AI crime


Death by Flaming Shoes and Hundred Cuts: Disturbing Methods in Ancient Chinese Torture

From ankle crushing to slow slicing, ancient Chinese punishments and torture were brutal


“Lipstick King” Li Jiaqi Returns and Other Trending News

Li Jiaqi returns, Tangshan assault perpetrator gets 24 years, netizens question lack of menstrual pads for sale on trains, betel nut bans—it’s Viral Week


Centuries-Old Bridge in Fujian Burns Down and Other Trending News

Flash flood kills seven in Sichuan, exorbitantly priced designer bike shocks netizens, 932-year-old bridge burns down, Billboard launches Chinese edition—it’s Viral Week


The Influencers Helping Trafficked Women Return Home

The Toutiao Missing Persons Search is harnessing the power of short videos to reunite women abducted from minority ethnic groups with their families


Gender-Based Violence: A Year in the News

After the Tangshan restaurant attack, we look at how discussions about gender permeated news of violent acts in the past year


Violent Assault on Women at Restaurant Provokes Outrage and Other Trending News

Brutal attack on women provokes shock, luxury car owners feud over parking space, delayed ambulance blamed for student’s death, tattoo ban for minors—it’s Viral Week


First Covid-19 Deaths in Over a Year and Other Trending News

Two Covid-19 deaths in Jilin, actor fined 106 million yuan for tax evasion, ban on flavored vapes, sexist ad panned—it’s Viral Week


The Art Exhibition “Breaking the Chain” on Human Trafficking

An online art exhibition calls attention to the infamous “chained woman” case in eastern China, despite repeated censorship


Hotel Room With View of Tigers and Other Trending News

Wildlife park criticized for tiger-enclosure hotel room, man smashes ancient Buddha statues after prayers go unanswered, home-alone dog trashes house—it’s Viral Week