Olympic Weightlifter Faces Doping Ban and Trending News from 2022

Two-time Olympic champion Lü Xiaojun tests positive for banned substance, EV startup blackmailed by hackers, and China stops publishing Covid numbers—plus, our editors’ picks for the top viral news of 2022


Canned Peach Shortage and Other Trending News

Canned peaches sell out as fever cure and ‘Travel Code’ goes offline as China shifts pandemic narrative, and new Nanjing Massacre diary published—it’s Viral Week


Giant Cat Mistaken for Lynx and Other Trending News

China’s first UFC winner reclaims title, mysterious patterns under lake, milk tea shop closed for greetings, and students crawl for stress-relief—it’s Viral Week


Woman Buys 2,000-Dollar Apartment and Other Trending News

Communist Party announces new leadership, woman buys apartment for 2,000 dollars, dad “plagiarizes” daughter’s drawings, and multiple fashion brands make bad choices—it’s Viral Week

Lake Drained for ‘Monster Fish’ and Other Trending News

Carnivorous fish caught in Henan lake, volleyball players compete in masks, new “Minions” movie censored, and China’s last reindeer tribe’s leader passes away—it’s Viral Week


Winter Paralympics Open and Other Trending News

Winter Paralympic Games begin, Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine, delegate proposes decriminalizing DUI at Two Sessions—it’s Viral Week


2021: China’s Year in Viral News

Viral news that shocked, amused, and stayed with us this year


Bullied Photographer Commits Suicide and Other Trending News

Bullied photographer’s suicide, TV show criticized for on-screen cat death, traditional meat smoking causes fires, Canada Goose in hot water again—it’s Viral Week


False Viral “Gold-Digger” Photo Sparks Debate and Other Trending News

Dead livestreamer’s ashes stolen for “ghost marriage,” mother arrested for buying foreign medicine for sick son, cuddly cactus toy turns out to be singing about suicide—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Missing Geologists Found Dead in Yunnan and Other Trending News

Fashion brand Dior accused of racism, China’s first F1 driver, man banned from buffet for eating too much, Shanghai cracks down on murder mystery games—it’s Viral Week

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