Gender-Based Violence: A Year in the News

After the Tangshan restaurant attack, we look at how discussions about gender permeated news of violent acts in the past year


Furious Bank Customers Get Red Health Codes and Other Trending News

Improper use of health codes sparks outrage, Beijing bar shut down after Covid outbreak, education company pivots to livestreaming, male student expelled for drugging female classmate—it’s Viral Week


Violent Assault on Women at Restaurant Provokes Outrage and Other Trending News

Brutal attack on women provokes shock, luxury car owners feud over parking space, delayed ambulance blamed for student’s death, tattoo ban for minors—it’s Viral Week


Mudslide Causes Fatal Train Crash and Other Trending News

High-speed train driver killed in crash, man struck by lightning on dragon boat, four dead in Sichuan earthquake, gradual reopening in Shanghai and Beijing —it’s Viral Week


Ugly School Textbook Controversy and Other Trending News

Dancing Psyduck toy goes viral, ugly textbook illustrations panned, undergraduate rejected from job for being “too old,” man scales 37 floors unaided—it’s Viral Week


Shanghai University Mocked for Online Swimming Exam and Other Trending News

Online swim exam mocked, Shanghai gradually opens up, “baijiu” ice cream launched, woman sells goodnight messages—it’s Viral Week


China Relinquishes Hosting Rights for Asian Cup and Other Trending News

Viral math genius refutes rumors, Elon Musk wants to meet Chinese doppleganger, 2023 soccer tournament won’t be held in China, livestreaming restricted for kids—it’s Viral Week


53 Dead in Building Collapse and Other Trending News

Cooking and cleaning added to school curriculum, Weibo shows users’ locations, Beijing Covid-19 restrictions tighten, Changsha building collapses—it’s Viral Week


The Coke Standard: Inside Shanghai’s Lockdown Barter Economy

Shanghai’s residents have turned to swapping supplies under lockdown—but is Coca-Cola really the most in-demand item?

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