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Imported Talent: Do Naturalized Athletes Help or Hinder China’s Sports Programs?

Naturalized athletes are becoming increasingly common in China’s sports programs, but will they help develop domestic talent?


China’s Road to Winter Paralympic Glory

How China went from one medal to topping the medal table in 20 years of Winter Paralympic participation


Winter Olympics Close With a Bang and Other Trending News

Spectacular Winter Olympics closing ceremony, crackdown on fake Bing Dwen Dwens, kidnapped man turned into “blood slave,” farmer accidentally roasts ducks—it’s Viral Week


The Online Slang of the Beijing Winter Olympics

Learn some of the Winter Olympics slang popular with Chineses netizens


Gu Ailing Wins Gold and Hearts and Other Trending News

China’s US-Born athletes polarize netizens, Bing Dwen Dwen fever continues, Bilibili is accused of working staff to death, boy spends 9,800 yuan on Ultraman cards—it’s Viral Week


Winter Olympics Mascot Steals the Show and Other Trending News

Winter Olympic mascot stars in opening ceremony, China’s women’s soccer team wins Asian Cup, child cook dazzles with Lunar New Year feast, amateur curling takes off—it’s Viral Week


Chinese Winter Olympians to Watch

Athletes in these five sports have a shot at gold during the Beijing Winter Olympic Games

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Slope Slang: Talk Like a Skier

A Winter Olympics-ready linguistic guide to visiting China’s ski resorts


Kidnapped Child Finally Reunited with Family and Other Trending News

Parents finally track down kidnapped son, urban management officers criticized for overzealous patrols, China gets first ever snowboard champion—it’s Viral Week

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