We tasted McDonald’s ‘SzeChuan Sauce’ so you never have to

“The Rick and Morty special SzeChuan Sauce has arrived in China!” We tried it out

“The Rick and Morty special SzeChuan Sauce has arrived in China!”—words that no Chinese person has ever thought, or likely will ever utter. The bizarre phenomenon of truckloads of American edgelords and Morty fanboys fighting and bemoaning the McDonald’s promotion frankly baffled Asia, and made Americans look nuts; like Asians are often depicted in certain foreign media, for example.

(For a full recap of the sorry episode, there’s this). Then, just last week, another bombshell dropped: 

In a completely unforeseen move to bring the fandom-driven sauce craze to the PRC, McDonald’s China has announced a limited run of the sauce, alongside a new ‘Kungpao Flavored Sauce’ – both marketed as an accompaniment to the chain’s signature Chicken McNuggets, from March 28 – April 17. 

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Robert Foyle Hunwick is a contributing writer at The World of Chinese.

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