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[VIDEO] TWOC EP. 4: The Eloquence of Chinese

In this episode, TWOC takes everyone to explore eloquence with an international perspective!

Each day, TWOC brings you nuanced and cutting-edge coverage of China via our magazine, website, and social media platforms. And now, we have our TWOC TV!

In cooperation with China Central Television, TWOC is launching The World of Chinese TV web series, in which experts and opinion leaders discuss topical issues from language, literature, art, cuisine, art, calligraphy, music, sport—almost every aspect of Chinese culture.

The history of human speech is a part-history of oral expression At the same time, it is also the history of how eloquence developed.

Ancient China is full of stories of extraordinary success arising from eloquence: Tang Ju, Mao Sui, Zhang Yi, Yan Zi, Zhuge Liang, all of whom made a name as successful lobbyists or diplomatic envoys by managing to defend or reverse an unfavorable situation in war through their tongue. But how does one make language more effective? How to communicate more efficiently? How can those unfamiliar with the Chinese language make use of the wisdom within it to better integrate into Chinese society?

In this episode, we invited Wu JianPeng, the founder of ZheJiang ShuGeHuiYu Eloquence Course, Wei Wei, a presenter for ShaanXi Television’s “Super Teacher”, and Jiang Fan, the chairman of the Professional Committee for Children’s Eloquence. Together, they  discuss the functional aspect of language and what they believe eloquence should look like.

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