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[Video] TWOC EP3: China’s Top Tourist Attractions

This week, TWOC will take you to enjoy the beautiful land of China!

Each day, TWOC brings you nuanced and cutting-edge coverage of China via our magazine, website, and social media platforms. And now, we have our TWOC TV! 

In cooperation with China Central Television, TWOC is launching The World of Chinese web series, in which experts and opion leaders discuss topical issues from language, literature, art, cuisine, art, calligraphy, music, sport—almost every aspect of Chinese culture.

Amid rapid development, China’s tourism industry now contributes more than 10 percent of the global tourism economy. By promoting China’s international status and openness to visitors—for example, with visa-free travel to some cities—the country has won the attention of a large number of tourists both at home and abroad. Today, TWOC TV invites China’s Hei Jian, sometimes known as the modern-day Xu Xiake, to discuss the topic and, with his expertise of traveling around China and 40 other countries, offering his picks for the most appealing tourist attractions in China.

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