Tangshan Incident
Photo Credit: Screenshot from Haokan Video

Violent Assault on Women at Restaurant Provokes Outrage and Other Trending News

Brutal attack on women provokes shock, luxury car owners feud over parking space, delayed ambulance blamed for student’s death, tattoo ban for minors—it’s Viral Week
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Violent attack on women at restaurant sparks outrage

On Friday night, several women were brutally assaulted by a group of men at a barbecue restaurant in Tangshan, Hebei province. Surveillance footage showed a man placing his hand on a woman's back while she ate with friends. He became violent after she pushed him away. The man struck her before his friends dragged her outside to continue beating her, also attacking other women who tried to protect the victim. Two women required hospital treatment and are now in a stable condition, two others suffered from minor injuries. The extreme violence outraged netizens and triggered heated discussions on sexual harassment, gender-based violence, the bystander effect, and gang violence. All nine men involved have been arrested. Hashtags related to the incident were viewed over a billion times.

Farcical feud over parking space

A chaotic feud between two luxury car owners over a parking space in Shenzhen went viral last week. The video shows a woman parking her Bentley in front of a Rolls-Royce that she claimed had been parking in her space for the past month, and shouting to a crowd of passersby that she would block the Rolls-Royce in. The woman, since dubbed the “Bentley Sister” online, then threatened to bring a fleet of 50 Bentleys to stop the Rolls-Royce owner from leaving. The video concludes with the woman and the male owner of the Rolls-Royce brawling on the ground.

Tattoo ban for minors

Chinese authorities have banned minors from getting tattoos. The regulations ban tattoo advertisements targeted at minors, and requires tattoo artists to check customer IDs. Authorities have already issued multiple regulations on tattoos in recent years. In 2018, media regulators began blurring out tattoos on TV, and last December, the General Administration of Sports banned professional footballers from getting tattoos and ordered those with existing ones to remove or cover them to set “a good example for society.”

Student flushes ID card before exam

A high school student in Luoyang, Henan province, accidentally flushed his ID card down the toilet right before the college entrance exam, or gaokao. He was saved by a police officer, who drove the student to the nearest station to get a replacement document so he could take the exam. A record 11.93 million students took this year’s gaokao, the sole criterion for college admission in China.

Doggy chef wows netizens

Netizens were amazed after a husky in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, followed its owner’s instructions and pushed all the right buttons on a rice cooker. The doggy chef successfully set the device to cook rice for its owner, who was “queueing for a Covid test,” the owner giving commands remotely via a home surveillance system. Other videos of dogs assisting with chores and flushing toilets have also amazed netizens at how smart dogs can be.

UFC star Zhang Weili defeats arch-rival

Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Zhang Weili knocked out Joanna Jedrzejczyk, the former strawweight champion, in the second round of their thrilling fight at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 275. The fight was a rematch after Zhang beat her Polish opponent in 2020. Zhang’s win (through a brutal spinning backfist), should set her up for a title fight against Carla Esparza of the US, the current strawweight champion.

Delayed ambulance blamed for college student’s death

A student at Henan University surnamed Peng died of acute cerebral hemorrhage on May 30 after emergency medical services ignored her call for an ambulance. After dialing “120,” the number for medical emergencies in China, Peng said her head hurt and was struggling to breathe, but the operator became impatient when Peng failed to provide a more specific address other than her university campus, and eventually refused to send an ambulance because she considered Peng’s case “not enough of an emergency.” Two hours later Peng’s roommates found her unconscious in her dorm and called an ambulance for her. Peng spent two weeks in ICU before passing away.

First “supine” warrior found at Xi’an Terracotta Warriors site

Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum Site Museum in Xi’an announced a new addition to the collection of Terracotta Warriors found at the first emperor’s burial site. Labeled the “supine figure,” the new discovery is a model lying down, or perhaps in an acrobatic pose. It was excavated from what is thought to have been a pit full of terracotta acrobats. Normally, soldiers in the terracotta army are either sitting or standing.

Superstitious parent tears up leaflets for gaokao failures

A parent waiting for their child outside a gaokao testing site in Guiyang, Guizhou province, became irate with leafleters advertising help for those who do badly in their exams. The man tore up a leaflet promoting an education institution that helps students retake the exams if they are unsatisifed with their gaokao scores. The man complained that the advertising was inappropriate while the students were taking the test, and bad luck.


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