The Most Controversial Proposals from this Year’s “Two Sessions”

The highlights and most notable proposals from the annual meetings of China’s legislative bodies


Viral Week: First Chinese Woman Visits Space Station and Other Trending News

Three more astronauts visit Tianhe space station, murder in Shanghai, LinkedIn leaves China, otter rewarded for saving cellphone—it’s Viral Week


Viral Week: Titanic replica rusts and other trending news

Actor boycotted for visiting Japanese shrines, abusive summer camp closed down, actress dies from collision with camels, and real-life murder becomes screenplay—it's Viral Week


Viral Week: Devastating floods in Henan and other trending news

Floods cause chaos, China wins first medals of Tokyo Olympics, Quanzhou named new UNESCO site, CEO expelled from Communist Party—it's Viral Week


Ancient China's Most Famous Detectives

Who were the ancient Chinese equivalents of Sherlock Holmes?

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Minor Offense

As violent juvenile crime rocks the headlines, China debates: How young is too young to lock up?


2020 in Burglar News

Sometimes, they make headlines for more than just the crime


Viral Week Ep. 204

Naming no-nos, 16-year-old murder, college for babies, and free tickets for panda fan—it’s Viral Week


Top Police Stories of 2018

Keeping China safe is their full-time job; becoming memes is just a bonus


The Synthetic Opiate War

Fentanyl was the cornerstone in reaching the US-China trade truce

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