Paddlefish Goes Extinct and Other Trending News

Legendary figure skater retires, more attacks on women shock the public, Chinese paddlefish officially extinct, livestreamers fake assault to avoid work—it’s Viral Week


Gender-Based Violence: A Year in the News

After the Tangshan restaurant attack, we look at how discussions about gender permeated news of violent acts in the past year


Furious Bank Customers Get Red Health Codes and Other Trending News

Improper use of health codes sparks outrage, Beijing bar shut down after Covid outbreak, education company pivots to livestreaming, male student expelled for drugging female classmate—it’s Viral Week


Violent Assault on Women at Restaurant Provokes Outrage and Other Trending News

Brutal attack on women provokes shock, luxury car owners feud over parking space, delayed ambulance blamed for student’s death, tattoo ban for minors—it’s Viral Week


The Price of Beauty Online

Critique of influencers has become a weapon for shaming female internet users


Covid Infections Hit Two-Year Peak and Other Trending News

Worst Covid surge since 2020, viral “Two Sessions” proposals, pandemic workers cull more pets, traffic police make sexist jokes—it’s Viral Week


How China Celebrated International Women’s Day Through the Ages

From strikes and marches to slogans and marketing campaigns, International Women’s Day celebrations in China have taken on many forms over the last century


The Art Exhibition “Breaking the Chain” on Human Trafficking

An online art exhibition calls attention to the infamous “chained woman” case in eastern China, despite repeated censorship


EDG’s Epic Win Highlights Misogyny in the Gaming World

Chinese esports team’s victory triggers rape threats and sexual harassment from male fans

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