Shanghai University Mocked for Online Swimming Exam and Other Trending News

Online swim exam mocked, Shanghai gradually opens up, “baijiu” ice cream launched, woman sells goodnight messages—it’s Viral Week


China Relinquishes Hosting Rights for Asian Cup and Other Trending News

Viral math genius refutes rumors, Elon Musk wants to meet Chinese doppleganger, 2023 soccer tournament won’t be held in China, livestreaming restricted for kids—it’s Viral Week


53 Dead in Building Collapse and Other Trending News

Cooking and cleaning added to school curriculum, Weibo shows users’ locations, Beijing Covid-19 restrictions tighten, Changsha building collapses—it’s Viral Week

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Photo Shop: Art in the Age of the Influencer

Museums in China increasingly rely on social media to bring in visitors, but there is a cost to going viral

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A Token Project: Can NFT Art Flourish in China?

NFTs are increasingly popular in China’s art world, but their dubious legal status may stop them from taking off

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Zhao Xiaoli Blurs the Line Between Online Influencer and Artist

With millions of followers, Zhao Xiaoli is China’s most popular artist on Douyin—so why do art critics not rate her work?


Deciphering “Bullet” Comments Online

Learn the slang that peppers Bilibili’s “bullet curtain”


Winter Paralympics Open and Other Trending News

Winter Paralympic Games begin, Chinese citizens evacuated from Ukraine, delegate proposes decriminalizing DUI at Two Sessions—it’s Viral Week


Netizens React to Ukraine Conflict and Other Trending News

Netizens debate Russia-Ukraine conflict, ByteDance employee dies after overtime work, Covid-19 outbreak connected to Wuhan, Beijing to fund fertility treatments—it’s Viral Week


Live Dreaming

A popular video app offers rural celebrity hopefuls a taste of fame

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