World of Warcraft to Go Offline and Other Trending News

World of Warcraft may leave China, woman tricked into having head shaved, luxury potato chip bag sells out, Beijing’s top soccer team loses to amateurs—it’s Viral Week


How Netizens Adapt Lu Xun to Modern Problems

What if the renowned 20th-century writer was alive to splurge on Singles’ Day?


Taobao Terror: When Gamified E-Commerce Took Over My Life

How a tabby cat mini-game helped transform China’s e-commerce ecosystem...not always for the better


20th Party Congress Opens and Other Trending News

Communist Party congress opens, netizens mourn famous cat’s death, new fungus species wets tastebuds, woman finds mother 32 years after her abduction—it’s Viral Week


Soy Sauce Brand Faces Additives Controversy and Other Trending News

Soy sauce brand faces questions over additives, tech billionaire settles sexual assault case, turtle falls from eighth story and survives, Qingdao landmark collapses after heavy rain—it’s Viral Week


“Lipstick King” Li Jiaqi Returns and Other Trending News

Li Jiaqi returns, Tangshan assault perpetrator gets 24 years, netizens question lack of menstrual pads for sale on trains, betel nut bans—it’s Viral Week


Netizen Takes on Fallen Celebs

When police detained Li Yifeng, his fans took to social media to vent


“Retreat!”—Chinese Netizens’ New Catchphrase Against Frustration

How netizens are repurposing a “spell” from middle-aged aunties to ward off daily evils


China Reacts to Queen’s Death and Other Trending News

Netizens react to death of Elizabeth II, celebrity arrested for soliciting prositutes, vlogger banned after eating wasp, man trapped in balloon for two days—it’s Viral Week


Where Are They Now: The People Who Went Viral

From the “zipline girl” to the ex-thief with a catchphrase, here’s what happened to the ordinary people who became overnight sensations in the last 30 years

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