How a Fiercely Competitive Job Market is Forcing Graduates to Change Their Plans

China’s record number of new graduates seek employment or further study by any means

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Learning to Love: Why Demand for Relationship Classes is Booming in China

Young Chinese turn to university and online courses to build better relationships

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Let’s Talk About Sex (Education in China)

Grassroots organizations and social media are filling a wide gap in China’s formal sex education


The Child Role Models of Chinese History

Child prodigies and model kids from ancient China for Children’s Day

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Collecting Trends: How Middle Class Buyers Influence China’s Art Market

Young, middle class collectors are bending China’s art market to their own tastes

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The Business of Murder: Regulations Hit Role-Playing Murder Mystery Games

Do government regulations mark the death sentence of the role-playing murder game industry?


The Art of Saying Nothing

Chinese netizens have become experts at “feihua wenxue”: using superfluous language to get out of any awkward situation


Class Struggles: Vocational Schools Still Fail to Provide Opportunities to Students

Dogged by social stigma and lack of resources, vocational high schools fail to give students the education they need to succeed in modern China

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Tough Love: Chinese to Deal With Your Parents’ Nagging

Phrases and vocabulary to survive your parents’ nagging during the vacation

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Why Young Performers are Giving Up On Years of Traditional Opera Training

A former Kunqu opera performer describes working in a disappearing art

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