Shanghai Ghettos and China’s Untold Jewish Past

At the onset of World War II Shanghai sheltered the world’s largest population of European Jewish refugees

2015-02-10 | By

Ancient Villages: To Modernize or Protect?

China’s cultural wealth extends further than just The Great Wall, but it may be rotting away

Deodorant, Laundry, Cheese – Not As Common as You Think

Getting to know China’s evolving perceptions about commodities like cheese, laundry, and deodorant

Chinese Tourists Must Learn Manners, Government Says

Can the government clean up Chinese tourists’ act?

2015-01-19 | By

How to Use Baidu Maps

Navigate your way around China like the locals do, with Baidu Maps

2014-12-30 | By

A Foodie’s Spiritual Pilgrimage

Buddhist chefs, husband and wife lung slices, and a very hungry ghost

2014-12-23 | By

China to Fight Decline in Tourism

China tries to coax tourists into visiting her famous sights

2014-12-22 | By

10 Ways to Avoid Looking like a Beijing Newbie

Here’s a few tips to look more ‘local’ so you can cruise around Beijing with charm

Britain wants Chinese to name sights

Chinglish 101? Britain asks Chinese speakers to rename 101 famous landmarks

2014-12-12 | By

No more ‘weird buildings’ for Beijing

Beijing’s skyline might become a bit more boring

2014-12-05 | By

Luxury without borders: How the West is courting China

How is the West trying to encourage Chinese spending?

2014-12-04 | By

Datong: a chip off the old block

A ticket to Datong is all that is needed for a desperate foreigner in search of a destination

2014-11-28 | By
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