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What Food Should Trump Eat in China?

President Trump reportedly ate burger instead of sushi in Japan… so what should he be fed in Beijing tomorrow?

The news that US president Donald Trump ate burgers at a golf course in Japan during his ongoing trip to Asia has caused snickering among both political pundits and foodies. This culinary choice stands in stark contrast to the meal eaten by former president Barack Obama during his state visit to Japan—he had the world’s finest sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro, a three Michelin star restaurant.

With Trump on his way to Beijing tomorrow, the TWOC office staff were asked what food he should be given here—choices are not based on any specific criteria. They might be suggestions based on what they think he would like, or they might represent Chinese food culture.

Hatty Liu: Malatang. It’s the preferred take-out meal for angry netizens, and goes down well with a nationalistic rant.

Liu Jue: Pig Liver Soup. According to traditional beliefs it’s good for your eyes. And with him on Twitter and social media all the time, it will probably be good for him.

David Dawson: Chongqing hotpot. I want to see his chopstick game with those slippery fish balls, and see if he can handle the spice.

RFH: McDonald’s delivers. Go with that.

Tan Yunfei: I’d suggest Qingfeng Baozi. They were served as a presidential meal for President Xi, so they may be suitable as a meal for Trump too… well, at least for breakfast.

Alexander Cecil McNab: Beijing Kaoya (Roast duck). Everyone should try it. I think it’s Beijing’s best food.

Chu Dandan: Baozi. They represent inclusiveness.

Sun Jiahui: Bing Tanghulu. Winter is the season for it and everyone should try at least once.

Ethan Yun: Dou Zhi’r. Can’t get any more “Old Peking” than this. Also it’s disgusting.

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